Use Virgin Media Referral :

Use the link to register your email address. Then once you make your purchase directly on the Virgin website (using ANY offers that are available) you will get up to £50 added to your account as credit!

So over the years I have been with a number of broadband providers but none of them even come close to Virgin for speed…. They truly are the best internet provider (for me at least) and with a price to match!

Now I know there are those of you who dislike the customer service and those that complain about the router etc but for me at least…. The service has been impeccable. The broadband I have is 200mb and that is exactly what I get! I know there are faster providers if you are based in London etc but for me 200mb is more than enough and I pay for a home line and the basic tv package. This is the best package out there for me 🙂

Currently Virgin Media are doing a referral scheme where you can register with the referral link: and enter your email address. You are then able to go about your purchase like any other customer with the same prices and deals. Once you have made your order they will connect your registered referral email to your order and credit you with up to £50. The amount differs based on the service you purchase:

Virgin Media referral :

Basically its a win win. Sometimes using a referral code impacts your ability to get the best deals but this referrla scheme allows you to get the referral credit ON TOP of any other offer you use 🙂

I haven’t yet moved over to the virgin media sim plan as I am very happy with the contract I already have but if I ever decide to change then Virgin Media will be my port of call. So enjoy the offers and dont forget to use my virgin media referral code to get money off your order 🙂

Virgin Media Referral :
Virgin Media Friend Referral :

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Virgin Media Referral Code?
There is no Virgin Media Referral Code. You need to follow the link: and register your email address.

What is the criteria to use the Virgin Media Friends Referral?
You need to register your email address at the following link: You can then find whatever offer/deal like any other customer. Once purchased Virgin Media will know that you were registered to a referral scheme and credit you with up to £50.

Is the Virgin Media Referral offer for £50?
The offer is up to £50. It goes from £5 for sim only plans all the way to £50 for any broadband, telephone, or TV package.

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