When Is The Next Sale in 2023 & How To Bag A VIP Slot

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When Is The Next Sale?

Read our article on the Next Sale including the vital dates in 2023 to add to your calendar. We also provide all the details to ensure you get a VIP invite to the sale so you can shop before everyone else.

Introduction to Next

Next is a popular British retailer that specialises in clothing, footwear, and home products. The company was founded in 1982 and has since grown to become one of the largest and most successful retailers in the UK.

Next operates both online and through a network of over 500 stores across the UK and Ireland. The company’s product offerings include clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, as well as home furnishings, decor, and lighting.

Next is known for its emphasis on quality, style, and affordability. The company sources its products from a variety of suppliers and manufacturers, both in the UK and overseas.

Next Sale Bags
Next Sale

What Is The Next Sale?

Next is known for offering some of the most popular sales in the UK. The timing and duration of these sales can vary, but there are typically four major sales events that customers can expect:

  1. End of Season Sales: Next usually offers end of season sales where they clear out merchandise from the previous season to make room for new products. These sales typically occur at the end of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  2. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales: Next also participates in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events, which usually take place in late November (although this did not take place in 2020). During these sales, customers can expect to see discounts on a wide range of products.
  3. Boxing Day Sale: The Boxing Day sale is one of the biggest sales events of the year in the UK. Next typically offers discounts on a variety of products, including clothing, homeware, and accessories and is renowned for opening on Boxing Day at 6am .
  4. Mid-Season Sales: Next also runs mid-season sales, usually in spring and autumn. These sales are shorter than the end of season sales, but still offer discounts on a range of products.

It’s worth noting that the exact timing and duration of these sales events can vary from year to year, so customers should keep an eye on Next’s website or sign up for the company’s email newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming sales. Additionally, during the sale period, customers should be prepared for high demand and potential sellouts of popular items.

Next Sale Dates

How Does The Next Sale Work?

The Next sale typically works in a few different ways, depending on the type of sale and the products being offered. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  1. Discounts: During the sale period, Next offers discounts on a range of products. These discounts can vary, but typically range from 20% to 70% off the original price.
  2. Limited Stock: Sale items tend to sell out quickly, particularly popular sizes and styles, so it’s important to act fast if you see something you like.
  3. Online and In-Store: Next sales are available both online and in-store. However, some items may only be available in certain locations, so it’s worth checking the availability of specific products before making a trip to a store.
  4. VIP Booking: Next offers a VIP Booking service for its sale events, which allows customers who have a Next credit account or NextPay membership to access the sale early. This can give customers an advantage in getting the best deals before items sell out.
  5. Returns: Sale items are usually final sale, which means they cannot be returned for a refund or exchange, so customers should make sure they are happy with their purchase before buying (unless buying online when your legal rights in the UK still allow you to return for a refund)

Overall, the Next sale is a popular event for shoppers in the UK, offering discounts on a wide range of products from clothing to home goods. Customers should be prepared for high demand and limited stock, but with some careful planning and a bit of luck, they can score some great deals.

Next Sale Shop
When Is The Next Sale?

What Is A Next VIP Slot?

The Next sale is extremely popular in the UK. You can regularly see long queues outside Next stores on the day the sale is launched. If you prefer to do your shopping online without the chaos of shopping instore then you really need to try and get yourself a VIP slot.

A Next VIP slot is a special access code that gives Next customers early access to the company’s sale events online. VIP slots are available to customers who have a Next credit account or NextPay membership.

Customers who have a VIP slot can shop the sale a day or two before it opens to the general public. This can give them an advantage in getting the best deals before items sell out. VIP slots are typically assigned a specific date and time, so customers can plan their shopping accordingly.

It’s worth noting that while a VIP slot can be a great way to get early access to the sale, it’s not a guarantee that customers will find the exact items they’re looking for. Sale items tend to sell out quickly, so customers should be prepared to act fast if they see something they like.

Overall, a Next VIP slot is a popular perk for Next credit account and NextPay members, offering early access to the sale and the opportunity to secure some great deals on a wide range of products.

Next VIP Sale

How Do you Ensure You Get A VIP Slot Invite?

Next are vague on what is required to ensure you get a VIP invite but many shoppers have confirmed that if you complete the following steps you should receive your VIP invite email:

  • You need to have a Next Account
  • If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one, but it must be a Next credit account and you must have at least £250 of credit available approximately one week before the VIP selection begins.
  • You must have placed an order for current season items from Next Directory and have returned fewer than two-thirds of the items you’ve ordered this season.
  • You must have signed up about a week before the sale begins; otherwise, you may miss out on the invitation.
  • If you meet the criteria for a VIP slot, you should receive an email invitation. However, some people can access the sale by logging into the Next website without a formal invitation, so it’s worth checking.

How Can I Preview The Sale?

If you have received an invitation for our VIP Sale, you can have a preview of the sale items online at www.next.co.uk/eoss immediately after you book your slot. Just sign in to your account to view the sale listing. However, please note that you cannot place your Sale order until your VIP Sale slot has begun.

How Can I Book/Change My VIP Slot?

If you have been invited to the Next VIP Sale, please follow the instructions in the invitation to reserve your slot. You have the option to change your VIP Sale time slot by visiting the website www.next.co.uk/eoss/. Log in to your account to view your current time slot and see other available slots.

Next Shop Sale

Hints and Tips For the VIP Sale

It is recommended to accept the first shopping slot you are offered as they fill up quickly. The slots are limited and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Each customer can only book one time slot.

To access the sale prices, it’s essential to sign in at www.next.co.uk/eoss/, and not via the usual Next online store.

Additionally, customers should only book a VIP slot if they intend to use it. It is crucial to remember that if you fail to use your allocated time slot in the VIP sale, it may impact your eligibility for future invitations.

During promotions and seasonal sales, restrictions may be placed on the number of items that can be added to your basket, as it can get chaotic. The “Save Bag” and “Save for Later” features are also disabled, ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to secure the best deals. Delivery may take longer, and next-day delivery may not be available. In some cases, you may need to wait up to 21 days for your order to arrive.

After booking a VIP slot, it’s advisable to take some time to preview the sale and identify items you would like to purchase in the days leading up to the sale. Make a note of the “quick shop” number and size of the desired items to avoid the need to search for them during the sale, especially if they sell out quickly.

If you do not find anything you want during the sale preview, it is recommended that you give up the slot to avoid being excluded from future Next VIP sales.

Next Sale VIP Slots

When Is The Next Sale In 2023?

The predicted dates for 2023 Next Sales are as follows:

NEXT Sale Dates 2023 (Predicted)NEXT VIP Sales 2023Main Sale (online and in-store)
Spring SaleWeds 22nd March 2023Sat 25th March 2023
Summer SaleTues 4th July (Predicted)Sat 8th July 2023 (Predicted)
Autumn SaleWeds 20th Sept (Predicted)Sat 23rd September 2023 (Predicted)
Boxing Day SaleNo early accessTues 26th December 2023 (confirmed)

Previous Next Sale Dates 2022

2022 DatesNEXT VIP Sales 2022Main Sale (online and in-store)
Spring SaleTuesday 29th MarchSaturday 2nd April 2022
Summer SaleTuesday 5th JulySaturday 9th July 2022
Autumn SaleWednesday 21st SeptemberSaturday 24th September
Boxing Day SaleNo early accessMonday 26th December 2022

Previous Next Sale Dates 2021

2021 DatesNEXT VIP salesMain Sale (online and instore)
Spring sale 2021Tuesday 23rd March Saturday 27th March
Summer sale 2021Tuesday 6th JulySaturday 10th July
Autumn sale 2021Wednesday 22nd SeptemberSaturday 25th September
Boxing Day sale 2021No early accessSunday 26th December
Next Sale

Final Thoughts On The Next Sale

In conclusion, the Next sale is a highly anticipated event for customers in the UK, offering the opportunity to purchase items at discounted prices. To secure a VIP slot, customers must meet certain criteria, including having a Next account, placing an order from the current season, and returning less than two thirds of the items ordered. It’s important to remember that the VIP slots are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. During the sale, customers may experience restrictions on the number of items they can add to their basket, longer delivery times, and limited availability of items. However, by following the tips and guidelines provided by Next, customers can make the most of the sale and enjoy the savings on offer.

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