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Click the Refer a Friend link above or here and sign up for and you will receive £10 off flight tickets you purchase on your first order at plus a new user package with discounts on hotels, trains and more.

You may not have heard of But it is possible you have dealt with a trip employee or booked a holiday through one of their partners. Because are behind 45,100 employees and over 400 million members, making it one of the leading online travel agencies in the world. And if you haven’t heard of Trip, we are happy to introduce them to you. And if you sign up using our referral link you can get an exclusive travel voucher package which includes £15 of FREE vouchers for flight and hotels. Refer a friend image referral here can really flex its travel agency stats, too. With more than 1.4 million hotels in 200 countries and regions, there are few locations that Trip can’t get you to. They offer flight routes that connect travellers with more than 5000 cities around the globe, car rentals or airport pickups, tickets for train lines all over the globe, and they can hook us up with tickets to the most exciting attractions and theme parks around the world. They do all this alongside a host of other travel-related services like insurance too. 

They are travel experts for sure. And with 24/7 customer support, you’ll never feel they haven’t got your back. And as they’ve been selling online since 2003 you know they know everything there is to online travel bookings. Referral
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If you’ve used any online platform to book a hotel, flight or a complete holiday package, then using the website won’t be a challenge. In fact, even if it’s your first time booking online the trip website makes it an incredibly easy process. You can book your travel or destination accommodation in just a few clicks – literally. And even if you’re still in the planning stage of your holiday planning, checking your trip options is super easy. 

Here’s how it works: On the homepage, you’ll find a handy tab bar which has clearly marked buttons for flights, hotels, trains, cars, tours and tickets, and flight plus hotel. Click on the button that you want, and enter your point of departure, such as a flight terminal flight or train terminal (there’s a handy drop-down list) then enter your destination, select your dates and click ‘search’. That’s it! You’ll be presented with a list of great deals for transport options, accommodation or entertainment. refer
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We love spontaneous travel at Refer and Save, so our go-to on the site is their ‘featured properties’. This is a list of hotels or resorts that are offering great deals or that are popular with other guests. It’s actually a great way to get inspiration for your next holiday and may even give you a destination that you would never have thought of. It doesn’t really take you out of your comfort zone as many of the hotels are 4 or 5 star but it certainly makes you think outside the box. 

And if you like to visit attractions while you’re on holiday or you want a day trip in your own country, with Trip you can pre-book. And we really like the ‘Popular Attractions’ feature on their site. If you’re stuck for inspiration during the school holidays or you get a rainy day while away, Trip can offer you some inspiration for a whole day of fun for the family. And they’ll take the effort out of booking too. 

Thank you referandsave. I signed up using your refer a friend code and saved £10 on my recent flight booking and hotel stay to New York!

Joanne Eastern – Cambridge

If you’re a frequent flyer or looking for the best flight deals, have a specially designated site space for flight deals. Check out ‘Popular Routes’. You’ll see flights from your nearest airport at great prices, price freezes or price drop alerts to make sure that you can go on a quick getaway at a great price. But if road trips are more your thing, you’ll love the ‘Recommended Car’ feature that makes car rental a breeze to book.

A lot of people say, ‘it’s not the destination, it’s the journey’ but we think holidays should be both. And with your next adventure is only a few clicks away. Don’t forget to sign up using our Trip invite code here to get free vouchers to use on your first flight or hotel stay.

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