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hqhair referral code: FAISAL-RK

HQhair Referral: FAISAL-RK

Use link:https://www.hqhair.com/referrals.list?applyCode=FAISAL-RK or referral code: FAISAL-RK when registering at HQhair.co.uk and you will get £10 off your 1st order of £45 or more. As this referral code is auto applied at checkout you should be able to use another discount too… Everyone loves stackable discount codes.

If you know me well – then you know I love styling my hair regularly – which is great in terms of appearance but my hair has had to suffer because of it. I was recently looking for a few new tools and styling products to try out that would not only repair some of the damage to my hair but also because I wanted to find some new ways of styling it. I’ve known about HQhair for a while as they are part of The Hut Group – but I haven’t really purchased anything of note from them previously. HQhair carries a large number of hair products and accessories obviously (actually quite a similar range to the products across The Hut range) but I specifically wanted to buy certain products which are hard to find on any of the sister sites.

I mean here’s the thing, I am not much for complicated routines. I want to find products which will work easily for me and most importantly I want them to be well priced and authentic. With HQhair I know that that will be the case because they are a part of The Hut Group so I know I am getting the legitimate product and not some cheap knock off but also that they can be trusted with my payment and personal details. Also although I have never used it – the customer services team are likely to be well trained and proficient so if I were to ever have a problem I know it will get sorted pretty quickly!

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Referral code: FAISAL-RK

So everyone has different needs and I am sure that if you look through the HQHair website you will find products that cover your hair care and skin care needs. Not to mention the discounts you can apply by using HQHair referral code: FAISAL-RK – which you activate use when registering on the HQHair website. This will get you £10 off your 1st purchase over £45. As this discount is auto applied at checkout is means you can use the usual discount shown on the homepage at HQhair in conjunction with this discount to get double discount ? I mean any code that is stackable is a winner in my books, realistically no one wants to lose out on one offer in favour of another, so with stackable offers you can just benefit from all the promotions and discounts that the page site to offer.

The range at HQhair is substantial so I’m sure you will find what you are looking for ? – They sell pretty much all the main brands and I’m sure you will find what you are looking for. If your stylist has any products that he recommends that you try, they will carry it, if you friends tried a new product that is to die for, you can certainly get it from there and if you just want to experiment and look further into what is available on the website then you can do that too.

A special mention for the outlet and sale section on HQhair. They had some products which were on clearance at insanely good prices so make sure you check that out if you are on their website! I would definitely recommend you check out their website. It is easy to use and you can shop either by looking for your favourite brands or for the categories of products that you would like to purchase. In any case you cannot go wrong especially if your use the referral code: FAISAL-RK so as to get even better deals.

Let me know if you find a particular product that is to die for and I should definitely try it out. Happy Shopping. H X

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