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mybag referral Referral Code: ZAAKIR-R1

Use the referral code: ZAAKIR-R1 when registering a new account at to get a 20% discount on your 1st purchase of £50 or more.

If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m quite likely to stop in my tracks and squeal, “Look at the bag!”. Yes, I’m one of those people that make you tut and perform the pavement swerve. Sorry, not sorry. What can I say? I just love bags. And I’m very happy to say I’m a bag inclusivist. By that I mean I love them all. From the teensiest clutch to the biggest Mary Poppins-style everything-and-the-kitchen-sink bag, I’ll love it. That’s why my day was made when my friend @ed me on a MyBag post. One more click through to their website and I was in heaven.

mybag referral
mybag referral

MyBag is down for female empowerment and they know a woman’s bag is part of her daily armour. Their ideal customer has bags of confidence and is stylish to boot. And if you want to be part of their #girlgang then get 20% off you order when you spend £50 using referral code: ZAAKIR-R1 . When you’re part of the MyBag fam, you’ll find their site is a one-stop shop for all your necessary baggage. And I don’t know about you but I’ve got tons of that.

The MyBag journey started in 2010 and they have grown their collection since to bring us the newest designer handbags and accessories all in one place. Rather than traipsing around the high street looking for just the right bag for your cousin’s wedding, MyBag have you covered. I know they’re going to have something that will not only compliment your outfit but will make a great icebreaker if you’re sat next to the groom’s great-aunt Mabel. Styles may change but bags have a unifying female force that will have us chatting away like besties in no time.

mybag referral
mybag referral Code: ZAAKIR-R1

They don’t need to impress you but one look at the list of MyBag designer collections will make your eyebrows shoot through the ceiling. From your Marcs, through your Largerfields, to your Westwoods, if you name a catwalk legend, MyBag will give you the bag to match. Of course they have upcoming designers too. Just using their ‘new arrivals’ search function will open the doors to the latest trends. I’m in love with Coach’s Ombré Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag. Its sunset colours are a delight for your sundowner on the terrace and will work with your winter wardrobe too. We all need a pop of colour in the darker months to boost our mood, right?

If you’re the matchy-matchy type then MyBag can have your outfit together in no time. Check out their accessories and you’ll have a hat, sunnies and scarf to match your bag. If you’ve got the time, check out their range of watches. They’ve got wallets, belts and the chicest hair accessories. They even stock unexpected but no less stylish accessories like the Ganni Crispy Jacquard Collar. That way you can wear the same outfit twice but with a twist and the paparazzi will never know. What! The paps don’t follow you around? They will when you start shopping at MyBag! And using the referral code: ZAAKIR-R1 means you get 20% off you order when you spend £50.

mybag referral
mybag referral for 20% here : ZAAKIR-R1

Wearing a MyBag item is going to boost your cred and your confidence but don’t be surprised if a crazy woman in the street stops you in the street and squeals, “Where did you buy that bag?” You’ll tell me, “MyBag.” And I’ll be like, “Yeah, same.” And I don’t want you to think I’m weird or anything, but we’ll definitely be bag-best-friends forever.  OK, see you on the street, my peeps. I’ll be the one wearing that awesome bag. Stop me and ask where I got it – it’ll totally be MyBag.

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