Park Savings Referral: FAISAL NISAR & Get £10 FREE Cash

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Park Savings Referral: FAISAL NISAR

Get £10 FREE cash added to your wallet when you sign up for Park Christmas Savings using the Park Savings referral button above or by entering the Park Savings referred by friend name: FAISAL NISAR in the relevant box during sign up. Note you will need to have saved at least £25 in your account before you receive your £10 FREE cash

Park Christmas Savings – Plan Ahead for a Stress-free Xmas

If you want to save money and avoid stress during the next Christmas season, planning and saving ahead of time is essential. A Parks Christmas savings account provides a structured and disciplined way to set aside funds for your Xmas expenses throughout the year. This approach promotes financial stability and allows you to avoid debt, stick to a budget, and also take advantage of sales and discounts.

As one of the most financially demanding times of the year, the holiday season often brings forth a flurry of expenses, including gifts, decorations, travel, and festive meals. By establishing a dedicated savings plan earlier in the year, you can confidently embrace the holiday season, focusing on cherished moments with your family rather than worrying about financial burdens. Let’s take a look at how Park Christmas Savings can help you achieve this. 

50 years of parking Christmas savings
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What is Park Christmas Savings?

For over five decades, Park has offered families a practical savings solution for managing the financial demands of the holiday season. With Park Christmas Savings, you have the flexibility to set aside Xmas funds on a weekly or monthly basis, tailored to your schedule.

Whether you aim to save up your entire holiday budget or just a portion, you can ensure that Christmas shopping expenses will be covered well in advance.

Park’s extensive selection of gift cards and vouchers from major UK brands and retailers caters to diverse shopping preferences, enabling you to conveniently purchase your Christmas favourites from supermarkets, gift stores, and high street retailers.

Starting your savings journey with Park is straightforward – simply select your desired Xmas items and then start making payments towards them, either online or through the Park app.

Key Benefits of Saving with Park Xmas Savings

So, why should you consider using Park Christmas Savings over other Xmas saving schemes? Here is a list of the key benefits and features that make Park stand out from the crowd:

  • Park Christmas Savings has helped more than 350,000 families to manage their Xmas savings.
  • Park has been providing this service for more than 50 years, with all the knowledge, experience, and expertise that comes along the way.
  • Keep Your Christmas savings separate and untouched throughout the year.
  • Enables a proactive and consistent approach to your Christmas budgeting.
  • Park’s flexible payment plan means you can still contribute as your finances ebb and flow over the months.
  • Your funds will be securely held in a Trust Account, adding an extra level of reassurance.
  • Choose between a range of payment options depending on what suits you.
  • You can set up a Direct Debit to automate your Christmas savings completely.
opening a park Christmas savings present
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How Does this Christmas Savings Account Work?

Using your Christmas Savings Account with Park is a straightforward process. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

1.      Sign Up With Park Savings Referral Code: HERE

If you are interested in signing up for Park Christmas Savings it is worth using our Park savings referral link here to activate a bonus £10 reward added to your account once you have saved £25. Note you can also add the name: FAISAL NISAR in the referred by friend box during signup to ensure you receive your reward.

2.      Set Your Personal Christmas Savings Goal:

You will have complete control over how much you contribute to your Park Christmas Savings account weekly or monthly. As a beginner, starting out with a modest amount may be best. This will ensure your payments remain manageable throughout the year. You can also adjust your personal goal at any time without incurring charges.

3.      Choose Your Gift Card and Voucher Preferences:

You can redeem your savings against a wide array of gift cards and vouchers for your favourite high street stores, supermarkets, and online retailers. With a multi-retailer gift card, you can shop at multiple locations using a single card.

4.      Start Your Savings Journey:

You can make regular payments, whether weekly or monthly, depending on your financial preferences. There are various payment methods available. You can also opt for a monthly direct debit, which offers a hassle-free way to reach your savings goal.

How to Order Your Gifts and Supplies with Park

When you have hit your savings goal, you can use your savings to make gift card and voucher purchases with a wide range of UK brands and retailers. All you need to do is head to the Park online Christmas catalogue. Then, add your selected gift hampers, vouchers, and cards to your basket. You can do this via the app or the Park Christmas Savings website once you have logged in.

park savings products and vouchers

What Brands Can You Order From with Parks Christmas Savings?

The Park Christmas catalogue features a vast range of gift, food, and decoration options from leading brands, stores, and online retailers. So, whether you are saving up for gifts, Xmas décor, your Christmas dinner, or all three – your gift card and voucher options should have you covered. Here are some of the top brands featured in the Park catalogue:

  • Argos
  • M & S
  • Boots
  • New Look
  • Pandora
  • The Range
  • Matalan
  • TK Maxx
  • Primark
  • River Island
  • Iceland
  • Currys
  • Asda
  • ASOS

Different Ways to Pay into Your Parks Xmas Savings Account

As we detailed above, one of the most convenient ways to deposit into your Park Christmas Savings account is Direct Debit. But that is just one of many ways you can start saving for Christmas. Here is a breakdown of all of the different payment options available.

  • Direct Debit: Set up online or via phone for hassle-free monthly payments.
  • Set Up a Standing Order: Set up regular payments via standing order through your bank.
  • Online and Telephone Banking: Use Internet or telephone banking with Park’s account details.
  • The Park Savings App: Download the Park App and make payments using your debit or credit card. (Also available online)
  • PayPoint Outlet: Make payments at any PayPoint outlet using the provided barcode.
  • Pay By SMS Link: Receive a link via SMS for online payment and make payments using your debit or credit card.
  • At Your Own Bank Branch or Post Office: Complete a Giro slip and hand it to the cashier along with your payment.
  • Pay By Post: Send a cheque with a completed Giro slip to Park Christmas Savings Club Ltd.

Benefits of Park Christmas Savings

  1. Financial Discipline: One of the primary benefits of Park Christmas Savings is that it encourages financial discipline. By setting aside a portion of their income regularly, customers develop a habit of saving, which can be beneficial beyond the holiday season.
  2. Avoiding Debt: Christmas often brings the temptation to overspend, leading many people into debt. Park Christmas Savings helps customers avoid this trap by enabling them to plan and budget ahead. With funds already set aside for Christmas expenses, there’s no need to rely on credit cards or loans to cover costs.
  3. Convenience: The convenience of Park Christmas Savings cannot be overstated. Instead of scrambling to afford gifts and other essentials in December, customers can enjoy a stress-free holiday season knowing that their savings are in place.
  4. Rewards and Incentives: Park Christmas Savings occasionally offers rewards and incentives to its customers, such as early bird bonuses or discounts on purchases made through affiliated retailers. These perks provide additional motivation for participants to stay committed to their savings goals.
  5. Peace of Mind: Perhaps the most significant benefit of all is the peace of mind that comes from knowing Christmas expenses are taken care of in advance. With savings set aside, customers can focus on enjoying the festivities and creating cherished memories with friends and family.


Planning and saving with Park Christmas Savings can contribute to a stress-free holiday season. With rising Christmas expenses, such as gifts and decorations, a proactive approach to budgeting ensures financial stability. And Park’s structured savings scheme offers flexibility and convenience during this process.

From setting goals to making payments via Direct Debit, online banking, or other methods, Park streamlines your holiday savings process, ensuring a hassle-free experience. So, you can enjoy the Christmas you deserve.

In a world where financial pressures often overshadow the joy of the holiday season, Park Christmas Savings offers a welcome solution. By promoting regular saving and prudent financial management, this service empowers individuals and families to take control of their Christmas expenses and enjoy a stress-free celebration. As the festive season approaches, Park Christmas Savings stands as a beacon of convenience, helping UK residents embrace the true spirit of Christmas without breaking the bank.

Remember if you sing up with our Park Savings referral you will get £10 free cash added to your balance to spend next Christmas. Just click this link here or enter Park Christmas Savings referral code FAISAL NISAR in the referred by friend box during sign up.

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