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Secret Escapes Referral
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Click the Secret Escapes referral link above or here to get a £25 voucher emailed to you to use on your first booking at Secret Escapes (minimum booking of £125). Alternatively, enter the name Fas Nisar in the referred by friend box at checkout to activate the discount.


In the age of digital travel booking, Secret Escapes has carved out a niche as a leading holiday platform in the UK, offering luxurious travel experiences at discounted rates. Launched in 2011, Secret Escapes has quickly become a favorite among travelers seeking affordable yet high-quality vacations. This article delves into the workings of Secret Escapes, its unique selling propositions, and how it stands out in the competitive travel industry.

secret escapes referral offer
Secret escapes Referral Using Referred by Friend: FAS NISAR

What is Secret Escapes?

Secret Escapes is an online members-only travel club specializing in selling discounted luxury holidays and hotel stays. The platform negotiates exclusive rates for its members, offering savings of up to 70% on premium accommodations and travel packages. Membership is free, and users gain access to a curated selection of deals that are not available to the general public.

How Secret Escapes Works


To access the deals on Secret Escapes, users must first sign up for a free membership. This simple process requires an email address and some basic personal information. Once registered, members can browse the platform’s exclusive offers.

Curated Deals

Secret Escapes works with hotels and travel providers to curate a selection of high-end travel experiences. The team negotiates significant discounts on these offerings, which can include boutique hotels, luxury resorts, and all-inclusive holiday packages. Each deal is available for a limited time, usually ranging from a few days to a week.

Booking Process

Members can browse and book directly through the Secret Escapes website or app. Each deal provides detailed information about the accommodation or package, including photos, descriptions, amenities, and guest reviews. Once a member finds a deal they like, they can book it with just a few clicks.

Limited-Time Offers

The platform operates on a flash-sale model, meaning that the deals are only available for a short period. This urgency encourages members to act quickly to secure the best rates. Additionally, the platform often sends out email notifications to alert members of new or expiring deals.

Secret escapes referral
Use Secret Escapes Referral to save £25

Unique Selling Propositions

Exclusive Discounts

Secret Escapes offers significant discounts on luxury travel experiences, which are not available elsewhere. The platform’s ability to negotiate these rates is a key differentiator.

High-Quality Curated Selections

The focus on luxury and boutique accommodations ensures that members have access to unique and high-quality travel experiences. The deals are curated by a team of travel experts, ensuring that each offer meets a high standard of quality.

Member-Only Access

By restricting access to members only, Secret Escapes creates a sense of exclusivity. This approach not only enhances the allure of the deals but also helps in maintaining high service standards.

User-Friendly Interface

The platform’s website and app are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive navigation, detailed descriptions, and high-quality imagery. This makes the booking process seamless and enjoyable.

Inspirational Content

Secret Escapes also provides travel inspiration through its blog and newsletters, offering tips, destination guides, and travel stories. This content helps members discover new destinations and plan their trips.

Secret Escapes Referral

Use the Secret escapes referral to save £25 on your first booking over £125. To activate either click the link here or enter the referred by friend name FAS NISAR in the relevant box at checkout.

Advantages of Using Secret Escapes

Cost Savings

One of the most significant advantages is the potential for substantial cost savings. Members can enjoy luxurious stays and premium travel experiences at a fraction of the regular price.

Quality Assurance

Since the deals are curated, members can be assured of the quality of the accommodations and experiences offered. This vetting process saves time and reduces the risk associated with booking unknown properties.


The platform offers a one-stop-shop for booking premium travel experiences. The user-friendly interface, detailed descriptions, and easy booking process make planning a holiday simple and stress-free.

Exclusive Experiences

Members have access to exclusive deals and experiences that are not available to the general public, adding an element of uniqueness to their travel plans.

Challenges and Considerations

Limited Availability

The flash-sale model means that deals are available for a limited time and in limited quantities. This can sometimes lead to disappointment if a desired deal is no longer available.

Membership Requirement

While membership is free, it is required to access the deals. This might deter some potential users who prefer immediate access without sign-up barriers.

Focus on Luxury

The platform’s focus on luxury and boutique experiences might not appeal to budget travelers or those seeking more mainstream accommodations.

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Secret escapes referral – Get £25 off HERE


Secret Escapes has successfully positioned itself as a premier holiday platform in the UK, offering exclusive access to discounted luxury travel experiences. Its unique business model, combined with a focus on quality and user experience, has made it a favorite among discerning travelers. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a solo adventure, Secret Escapes provides a gateway to unforgettable travel experiences at unbeatable prices. Remember if you use the Secret Escapes referral by entering the referred by friend name: FAS NISAR at checkout on a booking over £125 you will save £25

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