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For those of you who have been following my blog – you will know that I love to travel as often as I can. But since Covid restrictions have been lifted I have found prices for holidays and especially hotels have been far higher than they were previously. So now I’ve had to search far and wide for deals which meet my requirements at a price I can afford.

One such site is Secret Escapes. I have been using this site for a few years now and although it was never my go to hotel booking site I have recently found that there are deals to be had if you are not looking to stay at a particular hotel. Unlike your regular hotel booking sites which list every single hotel available – Secret Escapes provides a curated list of hotels only available on particular dates (which change regularly). I’ve found that more often than not – the prices offered cannot be beaten by the main hotel booking sites or even the hotel directly.

I recently had to travel to London for a meeting and I wanted to stay at a nice hotel with spa and swimming facilities. The usual sites were quoting around £300 for the hotels I was interested in – but I was able to find an amazing deal on Secret Escapes for a similar hotel for an upgraded room with breakfast for £200. If this had been my first booking I would also have been able to save an additional £15 by using the Secret Escapes Referral Code found here: Secret Escapes Invite. Just click and sign up with your email address and you will see the £15 credit added to your account 🙂

Something else to consider – Secret Escape prices do not seem to be dynamic and do not change (either up or down) the closer you get to the booking date. This means when you are booking last minute you are unlikely to be paying more for the hotels listed than you might have done had you booked earlier and combined with the upgraded rooms/facilities included – this means you can often find some real gems.

Secret Escapes claim to negotiate exclusive rates for luxury hand-picked hotels and holidays in the UK and abroad with up to 60% off the price you’d pay by booking elsewhere and even though they claim to be a members only club – they only ask for your email address to join up. It is completely FREE! In return they give you access to rates for hotels and holidays you’ll struggle to find anywhere else, and if you do they will match their price. I will include Secret Escapes on my list of places to check before booking a hotel in future from now onwards!

Remember to use my Secret Escapes Invite code by following this link : to get £15 FREE credit for your first stay or holiday booking. And remember its not just hotels you can find on Secret Escapes but holidays and experience deals all over the world.

Happy Travelling and let me know if you find any amazing deals 🙂
H x

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Secret Escapes invite code?
Follow this link: and register to activate your FREE credit

What do you get by registering with a Secret Escapes Invite Code?
Click and register to get £15 credit FREE to spend on your first booking.

How do you use the Secret Escapes Promo Code?
Click and register to get £15 credit added to your wallet which will be automatically applied to your first booking as long as it is over £100.

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