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For those of you who have been reading my blogs you will know that I LOVE TO TRAVEL but you may have noticed that I also LOVE TO SAVE MONEY too :-). Yes I know those statements may not be a natural fit but over the last few years I have found that there are ways to travel well whilst still watching those precious pennies!

My close friends will tell you that every now and then I will make plans at the very last minute and then spend the next few days searching for that amazing hotel deal. But recently I’ve found that more often than not those last minute deals don’t exist and I end up spending significantly more than I would have paid for accomodation if I had began my search earlier or was willing to lower my standards and stay somewhere more budget friendly.

I usually try all the standard hotel comparison sites as my first port of call but I’ve noticed that the prices quoted are fairly similar across the board.

That was until I came across an app called HotelTonight. Although not exclusively for same day hotel bookings (you can now book many months in advance)…. the best deals are usually to be found when booking last minute.

HotelTonight Promo code: FNISAR

What is HotelTonight?

HotelTonight, founded in 2010, is best known for its app and website that allow customers to book discounted hotel rooms ranging from boutique hotels to large chains — on short notice. They have recently been acquired by AirBNB and are rapidly growing in the hotel booking sector.

In addition to booking hotels for the same day or next night, the service also lets users book up to a week in advance for stays up to 5 nights, or up to 100 days in advance for stays up to 14 nights.

Part of HotelTonight’s model and unique value proposition is to pass along savings on last-minute bookings where hotels have excess room inventory.

The app is really well done and fairly intuitive, and it was clearly created to be user-friendly. HotelTonight even has a revenue-based loyalty program of sorts that gives you access to more discounts and credits as you spend more on the platform.

Hoteltonight promo code: FNISAR

Personal Experience using HotelTonight

I’ve used HotelTonight a couple of times over the last few weeks and have found an amazing deal both times with a little playing around. 🙂

Firsty it’s worth noting the HotelTonight only shows a handful of hotels when you search a particular location. This is not to say those are all the hotels in that destiantion – I’ve found you can be more specific in your location search to see other hotels or if you want to see the price for a particular hotel you can search for it and you more often than not be provided with a price.

My 3 tips are as follows:

  • Make use of the daily drop which shows up for some of the most popular destinations to get a super saving on one particular hotel. Make sure you are ready to book as you only get 15 minutes (Tip: If you run out of time using daily drop make the same search on the web portal and you get a second chance).
  • The best deals are on the deals presented. Keep an open mind about your criteria and you will find a good deal
  • If this is your first booking use the promotional discount code : FNISAR to save money on your 1st booking.

Recently I was able to book Vintry and Mercer for £125 for one night. For those of you who dont know – Vintry and Mercer is the number 1 rated hotel in the whole of London.

I actually booked the hotel standing in the hotel lobby 🙂 – I decided pretty last minute to stay and then decided to see what price I could get as a walk-in customer. I was quoted £249! So I opened the app and booked whilst stading at the check in desk and my booking came through about 30 seconds later. I had my keycard about 3 minutes after booking on hoteltonight! (and this was without using the referral discount code: FNISAR which would have saved me even more money)

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