Airalo Referral Code: FAISAL2748

Use Airalo referral code: FAISAL2748 when signing up for an account to get $3 off your first esim purchase. Note to use the referral discount you need to pay with a credit card.

I’m sure most of you love to travel as much as I do but hate having to swap sims or carry a second phone around when abroad to save on data costs. In the past I have been lucky to have international roaming for free on my UK network but when I have travelled further afield I have usually purchased a second sim out there and taken a spare phone with me in order to stay connected and most importantly to book at uber!

But earlier this week I was planning a short trip to Istanbul for next weekend and decided to check my phone carrier on whether Turkey was included within my contract for data roaming and the answer was no. Worst still the charges to use data whilst out there were extortionate with a daily rate of £5 being quoted. I thought now would be a good time to see what the latest offers and options were especially with more and more carriers now removing free roaming (after Brexit).

airalo referral code
airalo referral code: FAISAL2748

Obviously the easiest thing would be to use my current sim and device but after seeing the eye watering charges I decided to look at international sims when I came across airalo…. and wow was I impressed. If this works as it promises I have found my go to for international data roaming.

Basically airalo is an International SIM card except it isn’t an ACTUAL sim card but an esim. If you have a recent mobile device (you should check airalo site for compatible devices) then you should already be able to create an electronic SIM card which is basically an electronic version of a physical sim you might slide into the slot on your phone. You buy your package and they send you the details for the esim which is then activated on your device. I was able to buy an esim for turkey with 3gb of data valid for 30 days for $8. But I used airalo referral code: FAISAL2748 which saved me another $3 so I only paid $5 – wow.

The sim shows up as a secondary sim card on your device. In my case -I have left calls and texts on my primary device and clicked for any data and FaceTime and WhatsApp to be used from my secondary airalo Turkish esim. I have set it all up but turned the second sim off until I reach Istanbul airport and then I can switch it on. I should then be able to order an uber at the airport to my hotel for less than half the price of the taxis out front 🙂

airalo referral code
airalo referral code: FAISAL2748

So far I am hugely impressed with the offering. It is a little complicated to setup your first esim but if you google airalo tutorials you will find a whole selection of video tutorials on YouTube from airalo themselves which makes it very simple to setup your device. Remember if you use airalo referral code FAISAL2748 you will save another $3 on the already cheap rates that they offer. These guys have sims to most most but not all countries. I don’t think you can use an esim in China but that is more due to Chinese regulations rather than any issue with the service compatibility from airalo.

I will give you an updated review once I am back from my trip. The reviews online are all positive but I won’t know how well it works until I’m on my trip. But honestly feels like one less thing to worry about and the price was fantastic. I purchased a sim for one country only but you can also purchase sims which cover multiple countries or ALL countries using the global sims they offer. Depends on your requirements I guess. For me the single sim to Turkey was sufficient but when I travel later this year I might order a multi country esim. Will let you know how I get on with this one first!

Happy Travelling
H x

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