Capital On Tap Promo Code: 2REFF362E24

Sign up for a Capital On Tap account and enter promo code: 2REFF362E24 when registering or click the following link to auto populate Capital On Tap Promo. Once you have have made your first transaction using your credit card (within 30 days) you will get £75 cash credited to your account.

Capital On Tap is a credit card designed specifically for those of you who have small business so you can now keep your personal and business credit card purchases separate. Right now Capital On Tap are offering a £75 bonus for signing up with Capital On Tap promo code: 2REFF362E24. During the registration process you will see a field requesting this optional information and if you add the code 2REFF362E24 and complete one transaction using your card within 30 days you will get £75 credit added to your balance. I think that’s a pretty good offer and I’m sure you will agree!

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I signed up a few days ago and what I found most amazing was that the entire process took literally a couple of minutes and I was approved and ready to go in seconds. I wasn’t asked to provide any ID verification and outside of providing my Ltd company details there was little else requested. My card is still on route but I thought I would write a quick post letting you guys know about Capital On Tap and the current offer 🙂

Capital on tap promo code
Capital on tap promo code: 2REFF362E24

The application process does not involve a credit check and the platform itself integrates perfectly with accounting software you might use. They currently provide support for Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and a few others. If you use an accounting system you can check on the website to see if your platform is supported. I’m the sole employee in my business but if there are more of you – you can order an unlimited amount of cards for all your employees if you require and set smart limits as needed.

Another great feature is that you don’t actually have to spend money on your card and if you need cash you can actually draw down some of your credit directly to your account as cash to need if you require. The option is front and centre on the app and web platform so I guess this is what a number of businesses will use capital on tap for. It is a life saver if you have some short term cash flow issues.

Capital on tap promo code
Capital on tap promo code

I’m still waiting for my card to arrive but the facility is open for me to use immediately. I was actually offered a much higher approved limit than I needed so I will send them a message tomorrow to see if I can set this at a lower amount. Remember if you decide to sign up – make sure you use capital on tap referral promo code: 2REFF362E24 to get £75 FREE.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Capital On Tap Promo Code?
    The Capital On Tap Promo Code is: 2REFF362E24
  2. Where do you enter the Capital On Tap Promo Code?
    Enter the Capital On Tap promo code: 2REFF362E24 during the registration process in the box labelled promo code.
  3. What do you get if you use a Capital On Tap promo code?
    If you enter Capital On Tap Promo code 2REFF362E24 – you will get £75 cash added your balance as long as you complete on card transaction within 30 days of signing up.