Costa Coffee Invite code: VBVP6

Use the invite code when registering in the Costa Coffee app to get 200 points (worth £2) FREE to go with the 100 points starter points you get for registering. You can also use the following direct link :

Want to get another free drink for joining?
A number of other coffee shops offer free drinks if you join their loyalty programmes using a referral code/link.

Caffe Nero – Get a free drink when downloading the app using the invite a friend link. More details here:
Coffee#1 – Similar to Caffe Nero – Get a free drink when downloading the app using the invite a friend link. More details here:

Yep. – You guessed it. Another of my guilty pleasures is coffee! I probably drink far too much of the stuff every single day but I don’t think I can function without a coffee first thing in the morning 🙁

I usually use my Nespresso at home before leaving for work but once I’m on my way to the office or during the day I need a refill from my local Costa Coffee. 🙂

And I find the Costa Coffee app help really makes things easier for me:

• I can log in with my current Coffee Club account details, register with my existing card or set up a new account (and get a new member bonus of 100 points worth £1)
• Use mobile ordering to order ahead and skip the queue in store
• Track my points balance to see when you have enough for a free coffee or treat
• Find details of my nearest Costa stores including directions, opening times and facilities
• Ditch the card and keep Coffee Club in my pocket at all times
• Add the Costa Coffee Club card to my Apple Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Costa Coffee Club App invite code?
Use the invite code: VBVP6 when registering the Costa Coffee Club app to get 200 FREE points.

What are 200 Costa Coffee Club points worth?
When registering with invite code : VBVP6 you get 200 FREE Costa Coffee points. These are worth £2 towards your next coffee. You also get 100 free points for starting out in the Costa app making a total of £3 towards your first Costa Coffee Club coffee.

Where can you use the Costa Coffee club app?
You can use the Costa Coffee Club App at any Costa Coffee in the UK. You can add the app details directly into your apple wallet to make things even easier. And don’t forget to use invite code: VBVP6 or 200 FREE points.

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