Hiro Referral Code: fais3590

Download the HIRO app and enter referral code: fais3590 to receive an Amazon voucher worth £50 when you take out a home insurance policy and stay with Hiro for at least 60 days. Hiro will even pay up to £250 towards the cancellation of your old policy to move over to them! (Offer ends 17th June)

Hiro is a new insurance challenger brand that rewards customers with insurance discounts for having invested in smart technology that protects their homes and is currently offering £50 in Amazon vouchers if you join and use the referral code : fais3590

I joined up a few weeks ago to try out the service after originally joining up when HIRO were offering a mystery box prize for registering and joining the waiting list. I was therefore pretty eager to see what they had created now that they were open for business. Previously I have hated having too answer all these complicated questions about the multi point lock system on my property and how old the roof was – I never seemed to know the correct answer as I was either in rented accommodation or just didn’t really understand what they were asking me…. There’s non of that here!

Anyway I joined up with Hiro Insurance by downloading the app and entering the referral code details I was provided. (use hiro referral code: fais3590) The app was then able to connect to my WIFI and figure out what smart devices I have installed and listed all these on screen. It actually missed my Alexa but I was able to add this manually and take a picture to confirm I had it installed.

Hiro Referral code
Hiro Referral code fais3590

There were literally about 5 questions and the whole process took 2 mins and I had a quote immediately PER month price. It took into account the smart devices I had connected to my home and provided a discount for each of these. I saved roughly £4 per month for the devices I have installed. I’m sure if I had more relevant smart devices like a smart CCTV camera or Ring doorbell it would offer a better discount than what I received for Phillips HUE lighting and an Alexa.

Hiro Referral code
Hiro Referral code: fais3590

The price was actually very similar to what I am paying right now but I always like to give the new boys a try and as they are offering a £50 amazon voucher for being referred I have moved over to see what the service is like. The price and process was fantastic so I couldn’t say no… 🙂 and so far I am very impressed with the entire end to end process. Hopefully I will never need to make a claim but If I do I have every faith that the process will be just as smooth!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Hiro referral code?
When registering at gethiro.com use referral code: fais3590 to get an Amazon voucher worth £50!

When does Hiro home insurance launch?
Hiro have now officially launched and are offering new policyholders a free Amazon voucher worth £50 if they register with Hiro referral code: fais3590

What’s in the Hiro code worth?
Take out a new policy using Hiro referral code: fais3590 and you will get an Amazon voucher worth £50 as long as you keep your insurance policy for at least 60 days. They will even pay your cancellation fee from your current insurance policy to move over

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