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Streetbeat Referral Code: KBKG67C8

Get $15 added FREE to your investment account by using referral code: KBKG67C8 during the signup process. You can also use the following link if you have not yet downloaded app: STREETBEATS REFERRAL. Once you fund your account the FREE cash will be added to your balance.

UPDATE 12th December 21 – The offer has been changed to FREE Cash of between $3 – $3000

This is a brand new trading app which is only just launched. Streetbeat – Investing App is a free app that suggests/recommends stock investments based on real-world data and machine learning algorithms. It does all the hard work so you don’t have to! The app analyses data that hedge funds and Wall Street’s TOP performers use, such as credit card transactions, app usage, mobile GPS, and social sentiment and based on your risk level suggests where to invest.

streetbeat referral code
streetbeat referral code: KBKG67C8

Currently the app is in beta testing phase but you can still download and use the app although depositing funds is only available for a small number of countries and this time. But get ahead of the curve and register now. I will provide a more comprehensive review once the app is fully operational.

Streetbeat referral code
Streetbeat referral code: KBKG67C8

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Streetbeat referral code?
    You can use streetbeat referral code KBKG67C8 when signing up for an account
  2. What do you receive for using the streetbeat referral code?
    The current offer is $25 added to your account if you register using streetbeat referral code: KBKG67C8
  3. Where do I enter the Streetbeat referral code?
    The referral code needs to be entered on the signup page in the field requesting streetbeat referral code. Make sure you enter the code KBKG67C8 correctly to receive your bonus cash.


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