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Kiwi Referral

Sign up for an account at using the link above or here and get a promotional code for £10 off your first booking over £200. Note you need to sign up with the link above to activate the referral offer. Review – Best Platform to Book Flights and Travel?

Whether you are booking your annual holiday or looking for a quick, last-minute getaway – few things are more exciting to a traveller than spotting a killer flight deal. But what happens if the flight you’ve spotted costs a lot more when departing from your home airport? Should you pay the extra pounds or abandon your dream destination altogether?

Well, the platform offers a simple online solution to your problem. Using their online travel agency platform, you can arrange another affordable flight, bus ride or train booking to make sure you can take advantage of that fantastic flight deal.

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kiwi referral – Get £10 free HERE Review – Will This Platform Get You the Best Price for Your Flights?

Our review will talk you through everything you need to know about this travel booking platform. Whether you want to book flights, travel, hotels, or even car rentals – this travel website gives you the tools you need to zero in on the best price for your next trip. But is it the best option available for your next holiday booking?

What is

Founded in 2012 by Oliver Dlouhý, started as a simple idea to connect flights from different airlines, creating unique itineraries for travellers. The name “Kiwi” symbolises the flightless bird native to New Zealand, reflecting the company’s ambition to make travel accessible to everyone, even those with limited resources.

What sets apart is its groundbreaking Virtual Interlining technology. Unlike traditional travel agencies that rely on partnerships with specific airlines, employs an algorithm that dynamically combines flights from various carriers, offering travelers unprecedented flexibility and cost savings. This approach enables users to create custom itineraries, combining flights from different airlines seamlessly.

In contrast to other travel websites, Kiwi claims to “hack the system” to work around rigid airline offerings and present users with the prices and options which are in their best interests. The platform helps users to discover cheap flights, travel, stays, and car rentals, enabling both affordability and easier travel planning.

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How Does Kiwi Travel Work?

Based in the Czech Republic, is an innovative online travel agency that helps you to combine affordable flight deals in one single travel booking. This allows you to make sure you can still take advantage of an original great deal without dealing with extra hassle and expense in order to get to the airport offering the best price.

Utilising a vast database, the service helps you to piece together the best flight schedules to keep costs down throughout your trip. The money you will save through this service will vary according to your dates and destination, but in some cases, you could discover some substantial savings when compared to options provided by competing online travel agents.

Kiwi Travel Review – Can You Save Money on Expensive Flights? Use our Kiwi referral for £10 off here

Using Kiwi Travel to book your flights is a smart choice for a variety of travellers, whether you want to book a last-minute getaway, one-way or round-trip international flights, or discover cheaper alternatives for a trip which is too costly when booking with other providers. 

When booking your flights, it is always worth comparing the prices you are quoted by carriers or other online travel agencies with

How Does Kiwi Travel Save You Money on Your Flight Booking?

For example, if you are looking to book an international flight that is expensive through more straightforward travel, the Kiwi Flights booking service can identify a booking leaving from a different airport that offers a cheaper flight to the same destination.

The service also presents you with budget-friendly travel options to get to the new airport so you can take advantage of the cheaper ticket. You should be aware that the most affordable options will usually involve more complicated travel itineraries. But the resulting difference in cost could see you save hundreds on what you would have spent on the original flight. employs an innovative approach to finding the best flights for users through its Virtual Interlining technology. This technology sets apart from traditional online travel agencies, as it allows the platform to dynamically combine flights from different airlines, resulting in unique itineraries that are often more cost-effective and flexible. Here’s how finds the best flights for its users:

  1. Virtual Interlining Technology: At the core of’s flight search algorithm is the Virtual Interlining technology. Unlike traditional travel agencies that have fixed partnerships with specific airlines,’s platform is not bound by such constraints. Instead, it scans through a vast database of flights from various carriers and intelligently combines them to create seamless itineraries.
  2. Multi-Carrier Integration: integrates with a wide range of airlines globally, from major carriers to budget airlines. This extensive network allows the platform to offer users multiple options for each leg of their journey, maximizing flexibility and choice.
  3. Optimizing for Cost Savings: The algorithm is designed to optimize not just for the most direct routes but also for cost savings. By considering a combination of airlines for different legs of the journey, can often present users with more affordable options compared to traditional booking methods.
  4. User-Friendly Interface:’s user-friendly interface allows travelers to easily input their departure and destination cities and select their preferred travel dates. The platform then generates a variety of itinerary options, allowing users to compare prices, durations, and layover times at a glance.
  5. Flexible Search Options: Users have the flexibility to customize their search preferences. This includes adjusting layover times, choosing preferred airlines, and exploring alternative dates. By offering these customizable search options, caters to a diverse range of traveler preferences and needs.
  6. Real-Time Updates and Alerts: provides real-time updates and alerts to users, ensuring they are informed of any changes in their flight status, gate information, or potential disruptions. This commitment to transparent communication allows users to stay in control of their travel plans.
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Kiwi referral offer

Stand-Out Travel Hack Features of Kiwi Travel

Kiwi Travel offers users a variety of different travel hack options in order to make sure they are getting the best price for their flights. These include:

Self-Transfer Option for When You Can’t Find Flights

If you need to book travel to more out-of-the-way destinations not included in the average airline flight itinerary, then you can use the Kiwi Self Transfer Hack option. All you need to do is input your destination and dates, and then you’ll be presented with an itinerary made up of the most affordable flights and travel options available to get you where you want to go.

The Hidden Cities Hack to Cut Costs

If you are heading to a popular city destination, then discovering cheaper flights can become more difficult. But this Kiwi flights booking service can help you to identify two-leg travel options with layovers which will work out cheaper than direct flights. For example, if you want to head to Milan, you may find it cheaper to layover in Paris before continuing to your final destination.

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Throwaway Round Trips for One-Way Travel

In some cases, it may actually be cheaper for you to book a round trip rather than one way, even if you don’t intend to use the return ticket. When you input your travel dates and destination, will present you with cheaper round-trip options if they are available.

Book Your Nomad Travel with Multi-City Flight Searches

Kiwi’s Nomad service is a search tool that allows you to search for affordable flights to several different destinations during your trip at the same time. You simply need to input your travel dates and the lengths of your stays, and then the platform will present you with the cheapest possible route for all your stops. This helpful feature could not only save you money, but also the stress and time involved in having to search for affordable flights separately for each part of your multi-leg trip.

Here are some key details about’s Nomad feature:

  1. Multi-Destination Itineraries: The Nomad feature enables users to plan and book multi-destination itineraries seamlessly. Travelers can input their desired cities or countries, and the platform will generate a comprehensive itinerary that includes flights between each destination. This is particularly advantageous for those who want to maximize their travel experiences by exploring diverse locations during a single trip.
  2. Flexible Routing:’s Nomad feature takes advantage of the platform’s Virtual Interlining technology. This means that the algorithm dynamically combines flights from different airlines to create a flexible and customized route. Users can choose the most convenient and cost-effective flights based on their preferences for layover times, airline preferences, and budget considerations.
  3. Optimised Cost Savings: Nomad not only simplifies the process of planning multi-destination trips but also helps users find the most cost-effective options. By utilizing the Virtual Interlining technology, can often offer more affordable and efficient routes compared to traditional travel agencies.

Booking Car Rentals with Kiwi Travel

As well as allowing you to access cheap flights and travel, the platform also provides you with a way to book car rentals during your trip through its partner This service can save you time by presenting you with the best deals from several partner car rental providers such as Europcar, Hertz, Avis, and Budget (as well as smaller, local vehicle rental providers.)

You can use the platform to search for the best prices from partner providers in more than 6,000 locations across the globe. This gives you plenty of opportunities to secure the cheapest car rental for your vacation or business trip.

Booking your car through the platform involves no extra credit card or amendment fees, and you will also be able to access the 24/7 phone support service. The vast majority of bookings include Collision Damage Waivers, road fees, and theft protection. However, you may find that you need to pay additional extra fees when picking up your car, these could include young and additional driver fees. (but these will be made clear to you before you book your booking on the flight.)

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Booking Hotels Through Kiwi

As with Kiwi car rental, hotel booking through the platform is provided by a third-party company – The well-established and popular hotel booking site will provide you with a wide range of different accommodation options for your travel. Whether you want to book a holiday home or a hotel room – you should be able to book a stay that fits both your budget and travel plans.

The platform has over 28 million different accommodation listings on the site, including more than 6 million home and apartment rental listings. And it provides users with customer support 24/7 in case you run into problems during your trip.

Kiwi Travel Review of Pros and Cons

There is plenty to recommend to budget-conscious travellers, but before you start booking, make sure to read through our breakdown of the pros and cons of the platform. No provider is the perfect fit for everyone, and these are some points you should consider when deciding if this is the right online travel agency for you.

Pros of

  • Unique Travel Solutions and Hacks: stands out from the flight search competition with innovative travel hacks, including self-transfer options, hidden cities ticketing, and throwaway ticketing. Providing users with unique and cost-effective travel solutions which they may not have been able to access elsewhere.
  • Nomad Multi-City Search: The Kiwi Nomad feature allows users to effortlessly plan multi-city itineraries by inputting several destinations and travel dates at once. This streamlines the process and offers flexibility and time-saving benefits if you have more complicated or diverse travel plans.
  • Save Money on Flights through Flexible Travel: The platform helps savvy travel hackers find and combine various travel options, which often results in cost savings for users. Although this can result in a more complicated travel itinerary, it can also result in substantial savings. (Whether this is worth the trade-off can often depend on how much you are saving!)
  • Customizable Search Filters: Kiwi flights booking offers customisable filters, allowing you to tailor your searches based on your unique travel needs. For example, you can filter your flight search results based on specific airlines, travel times, or your budget.
  • User-Friendly Interface: provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and explore diverse options without feeling overwhelmed. Review of Cons

  • Possible Extra Fees: Some Kiwi users have reported being faced with unexpected fees associated with the travel they have booked on This could potentially include additional charges for luggage or unexpected costs during the booking process.
  • Complex Travel Itineraries: While the platform’s ability to create complex itineraries is a pro in terms of saving money, it can also be a con for those who prefer straightforward travel plans. Some less experienced travellers may struggle with navigating the multiple flights and layovers identified by Kiwi.
  • Customer Service:’s customer service has received mixed reviews online, with some users reporting challenges in reaching support or experiencing delays in issue resolution.
  • Risks Associated with the Self-Transfer Feature: The self-transfer option, while innovative and cost-saving, may pose risks such as potential delays and missed connections. This could impact the overall travel experience for some users.

Before using, you should weigh these pros and cons based on your preferences, travel plans, and risk tolerance to determine if the platform aligns with their needs. Remember if you do decide to sign up then use our Kiwi referral for £10 off your first booking HERE

Conclusion: Review – Best Platform to Book Flights and Travel?

As you can see from our Kiwi Travel review above, this is an innovative and beneficial platform to consult before booking your flights. With its distinctive travel hacks, including self-transfer options, hidden city ticketing, and throwaway ticketing, provides users with creative and cost-effective travel alternatives that may not be readily available elsewhere.

The Nomad Multi-City Search feature adds to its appeal, streamlining the process for those with complicated, multi-leg travel plans. The platform’s ability to save travellers money on flights through flexible travel options is a significant advantage, albeit with the trade-off of potentially more complex itineraries. The customisable search filters and user-friendly interface also enhance the overall user experience.

However, users should be aware of possible extra fees, complicated travel bookings, and occasional mixed reviews regarding customer service. If you are seeking a budget-friendly and unconventional approach to flight bookings, then you should be sure to check Kiwi when making your next booking to see how the service can save you money.

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