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Haley X
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nominex referral code

Click the link above or use the referral code: 27338 on the registration page to join the nominex referral programme.

So after joining Coinbase and Bitwalla – I tried to keep any eye out for other crypto trading platforms but I was especially looking for one that would offer referral/affiliate rewards and I came across Nominex.

It’s ultimate USP is that it does not carry out ‘Know Your Customer’ checks and therefore your privacy is maintained (upto 3 BTC trades per day) and offers an unrivalled affiliate program to make additional passive income. It was this specifically and the offer of 50 USDT FREE for maintaining a balance of 100USDT for 30 days that drew me in!

I haven’t yet used this platform to buy or sell ut from first glance it looks like something I can work with and hopefully earn a passive income from. I will keep you all updated on progress as I have only just register. Please use my referral code which is: 27338 when registering.

Nominex Referral
Nominex Referral 27338

Keep an eye on this page and I will give you a running total on my passive income progress and also how I get on using the platform to buy and sell crypto.

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