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Paypal Referral Link

Joins PayPal using our Paypal Referral link here or above and spend £5 within 30 days of signing up to earn a £10 reward. Offer ends 31st July 2024. Rewards expire 31st October 2024.

Many of us use PayPal regularly to pay for goods or services from our favourite suppliers. It cuts out the aggravation of having to fill in your address and payment details every time you shop online. It saves tonnes of time during busy present-giving seasons like Christmas. But if you haven’t woken up to the PayPal revolution, now’s the time. And we can save you even more when you sign up using our referral link: – you’ll get £10 free when you send or spend a minimum of £5.

Paypal Referral
paypal referral : get £10 free

Millions of people already trust PayPal to move their money securely. And PP are making it even easier to buy, split expenses or get paid all the time. Because they make money management so easy, it fits seamlessly around people’s busy lives.  

But we’re not going to assume you know how PayPal works yet, otherwise, you’d already be using it, right? That’s cool–you want to know what the fuss is about. It’s simple: you get to shop and buy online with one or two clicks of the mouse. If an online shop accepts PayPal (and most do) you only need to click on the PayPal button at checkout and they’ll access your bank and fill in your home delivery info. And if you want to pay in person, you can with QR codes. And if you’re worried about security, rest assured, PayPal makes buying safer with Buyer Protection. 

Paypal Referral
paypal referral – £10 free here

Need to send money to a business or individual wherever they are in the world? No problem. You can transfer money to anyone who uses PayPal and their advanced search makes it easy to find and identify the person you want to send money to. And if you’re the one on the receiving end of a money transfer, you can share your unique code with friends, family or anyone who’s using PayPal. It makes accessing the funds they’re sharing with you easy and quick.

Now you’re convinced about how easy and safe PayPal is, you’re going to want to know how to get started. That’s easy too. You can create an account in seconds and more importantly, it’s free! Sign up with your name and email, then add your bank account, debit or credit card and that’s it! You’re PayPal-ready. And once you’ve got your basics sorted, you can add more methods of payment to your PayPal wallet to give yourself more options. 

Paypal Referral
paypal referral code

So we’ve covered how PayPal works for us as individuals but as more and more of us are self-employed, freelancing or setting up side hustles, you may be wondering how PayPal can work for you and your business. And if you haven’t thought of using PP for your business or service, why not? It could save you and your customers time and effort by streamlining your transactions.

Using the app makes accepting and making payments so much easier. And for businesses, time saved is money saved. PayPal for business works just as well for sole traders or smaller businesses as for larger ones. With the app, you can even make or take payments when you’re out and about. No more being tied to a terminal to take payment. Simply ask your client to search for your name or use a personal QR code and your transaction is complete. 

Plus, it makes bookkeeping so much simpler – all your transactions are logged for easy access later. And this also makes it easier to find people or businesses that you want to pay again. No more scrabbling through paper receipts when it’s time to do the taxes–everything you need to keep on top of your paperwork is right at your fingertips.

But whether you’re using Paypal for personal needs or for your business, remember to sign up using our referral link: to get £10 free when you send or spend a minimum of £5.

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