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I turned vegan a few years ago – I wanted to do right by the environment and in general wanted to switch to a healthier diet which also meant cutting down on my sugar intake. It wasn’t a difficult transition but my one weakness has always been sweets and I didn’t realise how un-vegan friendly most brands are until I started to pay attention to the ingredients. My sweet tooth was always craving that little pick me up until I discovered Peppersmith and remembered what I had been missing out on!

Peppersmith mints, gums and pastilles are 100% plant-based AND sugar free! Peppersmith use Xylitol instead of sugar to sweeten them, which is really good for your dental health. So not only can I enjoy them, but I can also share them with my diabetic mother which I love as I always feel bad when she misses out on sweets but now I’ve found this alternative – it’ almost too good to be true!

The great thing is that I was able to get £5 off with my Peppersmith referral [£5 FREE LINK] which made me even more pleased to try out this brand. I mean delivery is even free on all UK orders. They come in boxes of 12 and there is a fuss free returns policy, which helped sway me into trying them as I was in two minds about purchasing in case I didn’t like the product, instead it’s a daily pick me up for me now!

I like to keep the gum and mints on me to freshen my breath when I’m on the go and it’s a bonus knowing I’m keeping my teeth healthy. I never get bored of the flavours as they come in gums come in English peppermint, Sicilian Lemon, strawberry and extra strong so I can mix it up! The gum is either peppermint or spearmint, so I have a choice there too. It makes me happy knowing that Peppersmith is all natural, which aligned with my values – doing right for the planet and my body. No harsh chemicals and no compromise on the flavour. Even the packaging is plant friendly and sustainable, not made of plastic film that would go to waste or unrecyclable wax paper like other brands use. Peppersmith uses FSC-certified cardboard boxes. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council® which helps take care of forests and the wildlife and people who call them home, just for this I am happy to pay a bit extra if I need to but it’s still affordable! The packaging is also fully recyclable, so when I am done, I can pop it into the recycling waste with everything else, including the mailer box it comes in, perfect! Now even their new mighty boxes, their 50g pouches are made from responsibly sourced cardboard, and the reseal tab means I can share them with my friend and family time and time again!

It feels good to know I am supporting a brand with such a responsible mindset that is aligned with my values. They are working on phasing out all plastic and unsustainable packaging from their supply chain which fills me with confidence for a better future! I will continue to purchase from Peppersmith as it makes me feel like I am doing my bit to help such initiatives however small it may be, it’s a step in the right direction and I’m excited to see if they develop any other products in the future! But all said and done they actually look good and taste fantastic. I often get asked where I bought them as I don’t think they are available in shops and can only be ordered online.

By using my Peppersmith referral you to can get some Peppersmith gums and mints and £5 off too! Enjoy

H x

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