Minted Referral code: 1PUDMS

Get £10 FREE when you signup with referral code: 1PUDMS or by following the link: Once you make payment for a qualifying monthly plan (£30 or more) within 37 days of creating your minted account you will receive your £10 bonus.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while – you will know that I have been investing in small amounts of gold for a few years now. I have previously purchased very small bars (5g, 10g) and had these shipped to me for safe keeping. This has worked well for me over the years and with recent world events I have started to look at increasing my investment in gold when I came across Minted.

minted referral code
minted referral code: 1PUDMS

Minted is an app / web platform where you can buy Gold much like you can from Bullion by post or (both of which I included in my previous blog posts) but unlike traditional gold buying and selling this is a more web based service. You can have you physical gold shipped to you if you please but the main service provided by this platform is for you to buy gold monthly and it will be held by Minted for you to buy/sell/trade as needed. It is then held securely by minted (free for the first 12 months) and is fully insured.

I signed up today and used a minted referral code to get £10 free and you can too if you use Minted referral code: 1PUDMS or this link Then once you have setup your monthly plan and made your 1st payment you should get £10 credit to use as required.

What I love about Minted is that is is so easy to setup and use. The website and the app are both very well designed with the end user in mind – there’s very little clutter and the site is easy to navigate. I has setup my first monthly plan in a few minutes and can now monitor my purchases on the downloaded app.

The gold supplied by minted is of the highest purity 999.9 pure gold and Minted are a member of a number of trusted trade bodies so you can be assured that your funds and gold are safe. They also claim to be able to provide gold at a much better rate than you can elsewhere so I will be keeping an eye on this over the coming weeks and compare it against my usual supplier.

Until then – please check out and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to use minted referral code: 1PUDMS when signing up.


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Frequently asked questions:

What is the minted referral code?
Use code 1PUDMS when signing up or click the following link to autopopulate :

Where do I enter the minted gold app referral code?
On the main signup page at you will see a field to enter your referral code: You need to enter code: 1PUDMS in that box or click the link to have it auto populated.

What is the criteria to receive your FREE £10 at
You need to signup with minted gold referral code: 1PUDMS and you need to sign up for a monthly gold buying plan. Then once you have made your first payment (within 37 days of signup) you will receive your free bonus cash.

minted referral code
minted referral code: 1PUDMS