Pizza Express Referral Code For Free Starter: RPJT3D 

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PIzza Express Referral Code

Pizza Express App Referral Code: RPJT3D

Enter the Pizza Express Referral Code: RPJT3D when signing up for the Pizza Express app to get a FREE starter added to your account when you dine in on your next visit 🙂

Pizza Express is not a name that’s going to be new to you. Perhaps, like me, you think of the brand as being at the ‘decent’ end of the pizza market. It’s the pizza you’ll bring home instead of flowers if you’ve been in ‘someone’s’ bad books. Because you know a Margherita is going to go down so much better than a £5 bunch of chrysanthemums from the garage. It’s the pizza place you’d choose for a second date. Because you know a packet of crisps and a walk along the towpath isn’t going to cut it. 

Now, though, you don’t have to set foot outside your door if you fancy a sneaky peek at the Pizza Express menu, book a table or eat a mouth-watering Pizza Express pizza. You can get on the app for that. And to make your Dough Balls taste even better, simply download the Pizza Express app, register with referral code: RPJT3D and you will get a FREE starter reward. 

PIzza Express Referral Code
PIzza Express Referral Code

OK, so Pizza Express is more than just a pizza place, it’s a name and a logo that’s instantly recognisable when walking along the high street or on its packaging at the supermarket. But it’s so much easier to keep up-to-date with what’s on their menu on the app. Once you’re signed up, you can access your nearest Pizza Express by either entering your postcode or using the map function to make a booking or get a delivery. 

And checking the menu through the app is a great way to see what’s new, like the Spicy Giuseppe, Funghi di Bosco or, my new favourite, Paneer Tikka. Let’s just take the last one for a minute. You’re having a little bit of a tiff with your mates about who wants pizza and who’d rather have curry. You’re not going to tell me that the die-hard Ruby Murray brigade aren’t going to want to cram a curry pizza into their mouths the minute they clap eyes on it. So, using the app can save you hours of arguments and you get to try out the whackiest or the most refined new menu options. 

Let’s not forget that Pizza Express is no longer just a pizza restaurant, it’s working the takeaway game, too. If you like your pizzas more authentic and less doughy than P.E.’s rivals, but you don’t want to have to get out of your jammies, you don’t have to. Get on the app and get a delivery. Pizza Express partner with Deliveroo, Just Eats and Uber Eats to make sure you get the pizza you want without having to do more than access the app. 

PIzza Express Referral Code
PIzza Express Referral Code

And by accessing the app you not only get to build up some fantastic rewards (even more if you refer a friend), you can send your mates a pre-paid gift card. You can even check out the latest news and upcoming events, like the music nights at Pizza Express Live venues. So if you’re in town, you could get a feast for the ears as well as the stomach. 

Over time the app will recognise your favourites to make using the service even easier. No more scrolling past the delicious salads and sides on offer if you know you’re going to order Chimichurri Dough Balls and an American Hot. Pizza Express isn’t going to judge you for being predictable, they just take you to your favs quickly and efficiently.  

The app also lets you know what’s new in the shops, too, so if you fancy cooking at home, you can add Pizza Express’s new Siciliana range to your shopping list. And don’t forget to use our referral code when you sign up with the app – it’s super easy to do: 

Simply download the app, enter your details, punch in our referral code: RPJT3D, and you will get a FREE starter reward. You may not always want to dine in at Pizza Express but it’s great to know there’s nothing stopping you from getting a slice of their authentic Italian pizza delivered to your door with a cheeky reward to make it taste even better.  

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