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So I hate going to the dentist – even though I religously go every 6 months for a check up and clean. Maybe it has something to do with those horrid braces I had to wear as a teen growing up . . . . wow what a time that was in my life 😛

Anyway things have moved on quite a bit in the dentistry world in the last few years with invisilign and inman aligners and the latest incarnation of at home braces.

My best friend has been raving about the smiledirectclub for the past few months after talking about getting braces since the day I met her! So I’ve been on her teeth straightening journey with her over the last few months. Don’t get me wrong – they were not that bad to begin with but the results are amazing!

I’m trying to get her to allow me to post her before and after pictures on this blog – but until she does you can see some of the results others have achieved on the smiledirectclub website.

Makes a huge change from the horrendous metal braces I had to put up with for nearly 2 yours when I was about 14! These are about as far removed from that concept as you can get.

You can either visit instore to get your 3d impression undertaken or you can do it by mail. You are then sent a preview of how your teeth will look once the treatment is complete followed by your complete kit in ONE box. See below :

You will get an online dentist to review and follow your progress online and you should expect your treatment to be completed in roughly 6 months! WOW

Use the link here: to get a promotional code sent to your email which will give you £100 off your order 🙂 – I will also get a reward for referring you – YAY

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a discount for smiledirectclub aligners?
Yes – by following the link: you can request your personal promotional code which you can enter at checkout

What promo codes are available for smiledirectclub?
Use this link: to request your personal promo code for £100 off your order for aligners at smiledirectclub

Where do I enter discount code for £100/$150 off at smiledirectclub?
First follow this link to request your personal discount code: Once you have a promo code you can enter it when booking your appointment for 3d impressions or deliver at home pack.

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