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Smile Direct Club Promo

Use the link above to request your Smile Direct Clu b Promo code for £100/$150 off your Smile Direct Club aligner order – (or £75 off and 50% off impression kit) -If there is another code automatically added at checkout (almost always a lesser offer) – you can remove this old code and then add the code you have received for a bigger discount!

A friend of mine never smiled, especially not in photos – she never showed her teeth. She was often teased about it in a playful way but I never understood why until one day she opened up to me and told me that she was self conscious of her crooked teeth. I had no idea and felt terrible. Something I had never noticed affected her confidence drastically. 

She told me her fear of going to the dentist and the expense was overshadowing her fear of smiling. I reminded her of advances in dentistry today, most importantly the development of home braces such as Invisalign and Inman aligners and that she no longer had a reason to let fear hold her back. I mean its nothing like the metal wire braces I had to wear when I was a teenager!

So we had both seen the influencer posts on Instagram for removable aligners which were significantly cheaper than Invisalign – so she decided to give them a go. I was so happy to be there with her throughout her teeth straightening transformation! We were both unsure of what to expect, but it was worth taking the chance. She had the choice to go instore to get her 3D impression made or do it by mail, she opted by mail. She then received a preview of how her teeth would look after the treatment was completed and the whole treatment was delivered in ONE box, which was really organized, and she knew what she was getting and when she would need to move onto the next set of aligners.

Smile Direct Club Promo
Smile direct club promo code

The results were amazing and matched the preview. It has changed everything about her and boosted her confidence, and now she can’t stop smiling! I wish I could get her before and after pictures on this blog but she is not that confident! 🙂

She actually received a promotional code using the link: which gave her £100 off her order (sometimes it switches to £75 and half price impressions kit) which made it even more affordable and there was no need to physically visit a dentist as this could all be done online in her own home which also made her more comfortable. The total duration of the treatment was 6 months to complete, which was super quick (compared to my 2 years on wire braces – eeeek!)

She is so happy with the results that she is now referring everyone to Smile Direct Club and telling them about how it has changed her life. The best thing is she receives a reward for doing so, and you can too! The promotional code and referral rewards are available to everyone, so why not take advantage? I don’t think my friend would have gone through with this if she had to wear the traditional wired metal braces, she would have been too self conscious to have had more attention drawn to her teeth, so she was delighted to discover Smile Direct Club.

I wish more people knew about advances in dental health care and how accessible and affordable Invisalign really they are. If you visit their website you can see the array of smiling faces and happy customers, and my friend is one of them

Don’t forget to use the smile direct discount code by following this link: You will then be asked to enter your email address and you will be emailed the code to enter at checkout when you are ordering your impressions.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a discount for smiledirectclub aligners?
Yes – by following the link: you can request your personal promotional code which you can enter at checkout

What promo codes are available for smiledirectclub?
Use this link: to request your personal promo code for £100 off your order for aligners at smiledirectclub

Where do I enter discount code for £100/$150 off at smiledirectclub?
First follow this link to request your personal discount code: Once you have a promo code you can enter it when booking your appointment for 3d impressions or deliver at home pack.

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