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Register at Western Union by following the link posted above and when you transfer at least £50 you will get a giftcard worth £10 to spend at Amazon, Google Play, Itunes, Nike, Starbucks, Joh Lewis and many more.

One of the Original money transfer services is trying to make inroads into the digital marketplace and has begun to market its services more proactively online.

Now those of you who know me will know that I love a good referral scheme as much as I love money transfer services 🙂 . I have friends and family all over the world so I regularly send money and gifts abroad and I’m always on the lookout for the latest offer, low fee, referral scheme to make things as cost effective as possible.

For a long time Western Union has been lagging behind the competition and they have finally reactivated their friend referral scheme. If you register using the link and then transfer £50 you will get a FREE £10 giftcard.

Western Union Friend Referral

I will totally upfront with you … the rates I have been offered are SIGNIFICANTLY lower for Europe than I can get from many of the other money transfer sites such as Azimo or Transferwise. I would only really use Western Union for the offer and also if I were sending money to my friends outside the city in Africa and South East Asia where Western Union still have outlets.

Make sure you compare the Western Unions rates with some of the other money transfer sites on this blog and ensure you get the best rate for the transfer! Don’t be blinded by the giftcard alone 😉

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