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Bird And Blend Tea Co Referral:

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The world of tea has grown rapidly over the past few decades. No longer restricted to choosing between breakfast tea and Earl Grey – UK tea aficionados can now access a world of unique blends and tasty flavours with a few clicks on their smartphone. And, in recent years, the vibrant Bird and Blend Tea brand has become a favourite with tea drinkers in the know!

The tea company prides itself on the blending expertise of its dedicated team. Along with traditional teas, you’ll also find high-quality blends featuring chocolate, fruits, flowers, herbs, and caramel. And you’ll also find teas to match your moods and health aims – with green tea energy, self-care cuppas, and winter warmer selections.

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What is the Bird and Blend Tea Co?

Bird and Blend is an award-winning and independent online store and tea subscription box service that will deliver the best-tasting and most innovative tea blends directly to your door. Founded in 2014 by university friends and tea enthusiasts Krisi and Mike, the business first began small with a market stall and tea packages being posted out from the spare bedroom. 

The company steadily grew as more and more tea lovers picked up on the unique mix of tasty tea and strong indie ethos. Now, the thriving business has a highly successful online store offering amazing blends and subscription packages, as well as multiple retail outlets.

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What Types of Teas Do Bird and Blend Offer?

Whether you want to order a tea taster pack, set up a subscription, or order a potential new favourite flavour directly – you’ll discover a whole host of new, innovative blends alongside popular standards. Some of the bestselling teas (starting at £3.50) include:

  • Chocolate Digestive Tea
  • Gingerbread Chai
  • Strawberry Lemonade Tea
  • Earl Grey Crème Tea
  • Dozy Girl Chamomile Tea
  • Great British Cuppa
  • Blue Raspberry Tea
  • Rhubarb and Custard Flavour
  • Deckchair Dreaming Tea

As you can see, Bird and Blend have a wide range of imaginative flavours for tea drinkers to try out. And if you are undecided about which flavour to go for, you can opt for a tea taster package to get an idea of what blends are best for you. 

And to help you further, you can even head to the Bird and Blend website to take their tea-matching quiz to narrow your options down based on your tea tastes and preferences. 

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The Tea Subscription Box

Bird and Blend also offer a tea subscription service that will deliver delicious tea in surprise flavours directly to your door each month. As a member of the Tea Tasting Club, you will choose between one of three tea subscription boxes and then wait for it to be delivered during the first week of each month. The subscription service is available for a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month period, and you can pause, edit, or cancel your subscription at any time by logging in to the website.

This tea subscription service is a terrific way to dip your toe into the world of unique tea blends and discover a brand-new favourite. And if you have a tea-lover for a friend, you can also set up a gift tea subscription box of their own.

Tea Tools and Accessories

As well as offering tasty tea selections, Bird and Blend also provides a wide range of high-quality tools to help you make sure that your home tea-drinking experience is as delicious and smooth as if you were enjoying it in your favourite café. Some of the tea tools you can add to your tea order include:

  • Brewdini Gravity Steeper to help you brew loose leafy teas to delicious effect.
  • Cold Brew Tea Bottle to safely carry your cold tea brew with you when you are out and about.
  • Teapot with Infuser to help you brew your Bird and Blend loose-leaf tea with no waste.
  • Chilly’s Reusable Cup. Bird and Blend has partnered with the famous eco-cup company to provide you with a sustainable container for drinking your tea hot or cold while you are on the go.
  • Bird & Blend Tea Tin Caddy. Store your loose-leaf tea safely and make sure it remains uncontaminated.
  • Sweetbird Drink Syrups to sweeten your tea and add a little extra taste to your tea brews.
  • Bamboo Matcha Whisk. A sustainable tea whisk to help you make the perfect matcha green tea.

Earn Discounts When You Refer a Friend – (Use our Bird and Blend referral code: FAISAL NISAR on your 1st order)

If you have a friend who loves trying out unique tea tastes, then you can use the Bird and Blend referral program to share your service and also enjoy discounts and rewards when you make your next order. Our Bird and Blend referral code is FAISAL NISAR which you can enter in the referred by friend box at checkout.

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Bird and Blend’s Commitment to Sustainability

One of the standout features of Bird and Blend is the company’s commitment to sustainability. Each part of the process is managed to make sure the environmental impact is as minimal as possible – from the picking of the leaves to the packaging of the products.

Since 2014, the tea company has raised more than £100,000, which has supported more than 30 charitable and worthwhile causes which have been carefully selected by the team. One tree is planted (through the World Preservation Fund) for each biodegradable and plastic-free takeaway cup the company uses.

So, if you are a committed sustainable shopper, Bird and Blend is a fantastic way to access delicious blends without having to worry about the effect your tea tasting is having on the planet.

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Bird and Blend Tea is the Perfect Match for Adventurous UK Tea Drinkers.

Bird and Blend Tea Co has successfully carved a niche for itself in the competitive tea market by marrying tradition with innovation. With a focus on quality, diverse blends, and sustainable practices, the company has become a symbol of modern tea culture. As tea continues to evolve from a traditional beverage into a dynamic and vibrant experience, Bird and Blend stands at the forefront, steeping its journey with passion, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

Thus the award-winning Bird and Blend tea company is the perfect way to enter into the world of exotic and innovative tea blends in an affordable way. You can easily order beautifully blended tastes directly starting from only £3.50, try out different flavours in a taster pack, or set up a subscription box in order to experience new flavours every four weeks. And if you want to share your love of the tasty brews, you can even start to earn referral rewards and discounts on your next order starting with our Bird and Blend Tea referral code: FAISAL NISAR

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