Curve Promo code: NRV67J6E

Join Curve and use promo code NRV67J6E during the registration process or click and copy the code. You will be sent your Curve card for free. When you make your first purchase using your Curve card, you’ll instantly get £5!

I’m Hayley from London and I have just received my Curve card and I love it! It’s one of those ‘I didn’t know I needed it till I got one and now don’t think I could live without it’ items.

Curve connects all my accounts with a single app and a single smart card. The app also gives me instant updates related to my spending habits. Curve also promotes the fact that you only need to pack a single card when you go places and will not have to deal with any hidden currency fees when traveling.

So what’s the most amazing thing about Curve. Well I love my credit cards an I have a few I use regularly. I have a business card, a purchasing card, one I use for buying fuel. . . so it means im always carrying a number of cards around with me. But with Curve I just carry the one card and I can switch between which of my actual credit cards will be charged for a purchase by using the app!

As a girl who likes to travel light – especially when the suns out . . . 🙂 – I now just carry my phone with a slot for this card and im good to go. No more carrying my purse or handbag if I’m quickly popping to the shops and getting fuel!

The app is pretty intuitive too and was really quick to setup and my card arrived about 3 days after I registered. Oh and don’t forget you can use my promo code: NRV67J6E to get a free £5 added to your account to spend on anything you want. Just make sure you enter it when registering or by following the link above.

curve promo code : NRV67J6E

Curve is also really convenient for those who have trouble keeping track of everything. Instead of having to check multiple bank accounts and credit card statements to look at your spending, you can view everything on your spend timeline. Perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the curve promo code?
If you enter promo code: NRV67J6E or follow the link when registering you will get 500 points FREE added to your account.

2. What do I get with the curve referral promo code?
If you enter promo code: NRV67J6E when registering you will get 500 points worth £5 to spend on anything you want using your card.

3. When do I get my curve referral code cash payment?
If you register using the promo invite code: NRV67J6E you will get a £5 bonus when you make your 1st purchase using your curve card over £10.

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