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Gorillas Referral Code:

Did you think that grocery delivery was sewn up by the supermarkets? Now it’s time to think again because Gorillas are coming to our cities with a new plan. They want us to change the way we order our groceries and get them delivered. They want us to support them in prioritising responsible food sourcing, appropriate packaging and, most importantly, getting food to our doors without vans or cars. And any company that puts the planet first has got our full support. You can get behind them too by signing up for an account and entering our Gorillas referral code: FN926627 to get £20 off your first order over £30.

Gorillas referral

Currently, if you want food delivered to your door, it usually involves a huge carbon footprint. You’ve got the miles the food travelled to the supermarket, and the distance your food then travels via delivery van until it gets to you. It’s convenient, but is it sustainable? No. But Gorillas intend to make food delivery convenient without making the planet pay the price.

So, how are Gorillas putting the planet first? They’re doing it on two wheels. By swapping vans for bicycle delivery, Gorillas’ E-bike service is going to have a huge impact. By significantly reducing the fuel that’s used by delivery vans or by our own cars when we do extra trips to the shops for a pint of milk and some snacks, the Gorilla team are making urban shopping easier and more sustainable. 

gorillas referral code: FN926627

You’re probably wondering how it works. And it’s as simple as any other type of goods or services ordering. 

1. Download the app – Use our Gorillas referral code: FN926627 during signup

2. Order your groceries (Get £20 FREE credit)

3. Get your delivery  – within minutes!

And when Gorillas say ‘within minutes’, they mean it. If you live in a city where they have a warehouse, they’ll get your stuff to you super quick. You can check out the coverage on their site by punching in your country or location and see if you can jump on the Gorilla bandwagon. And don’t worry if your city isn’t covered yet, it soon will be. The company are actively seeking riders everywhere so it’s only a matter of time that the Gorilla good news spreads. 

Let’s talk about their products. They source their food from local farmers or suppliers where possible so they can get the freshest produce, but also to ensure a short supply chain. There’s a knock-on effect of helping to support the local community and small-scale businesses too. It also means that they can prioritise the quality of their products and partner with independent brands from every city, even start-up businesses. 

Gorillas referral
Gorillas referral code: FN926627

So we’ve learnt that Gorillas are putting riders on the streets to make urban food deliveries more sustainable, but it’s also great to hear that they really are trying to reduce plastic packaging too. Their motto is ‘plastic is not food’ and they aim to attract suppliers who believe the same. And every penny saved on the packaging is put back into the customer’s pocket. It’s a win-win. And to save even more, sign up for an account and enter our Gorillas referral code: FN926627 and get £20 off your first order over £30.

When the Refer and Save team heard about Gorillas’ manifesto, we couldn’t wait to hear more. We all know that companies are going to have to think outside the box to reduce their impact on the earth, but it’s so positive to hear of a company that’s shaking up the grocery industry. By taking us back to the ‘delivery boy’ of yesteryear, they’re taking us forward to a better future – of course, all genders can be Gorilla riders!

Gorillas referral
Gorillas referral Code: FN926627

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