JamDoughnut Referral Code: DVHT – Get £5 FREE Cashback Points

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JamDoughnut Referral Code: DVHT

Updated: Special Offer until 1st April 2024 – Enter the JamDoughnut referral code: DVHT during the signup process to get £5 worth of FREE points when you use the app for the first time

Founded in 2019, JamDoughnut is a more recent cashback app that claims to help you make savings of up to £800 a year. Much like other cashback sites – JamDoughnut ‘saves’ you money every time you make a purchase at one of its partner retailers. Currently listed on the JamDoughnut site is an impressively large number of participating retailers where you can earn points to convert into cash.

With the costs of living in the UK seemingly continuing to rise, JamDoughnut is a brilliantly app that will help your money stretch further. However, with so many other apps of the same nature currently available on the market – what makes JamDoughnut stand out? Read on to find out how this cashback app may be the one you are looking for.

What Exactly is JamDoughnut & How Does It Work?

JamDoughnut is like all the other cashback sites out there that help you earn money (save money) from your everyday shopping….

But unlike all it’s competitors it has one very distinct difference. You do not need to click through to activate the cashback (like topcashback or Quidco) nor link your bank account (like airtime rewards or Daali). Instead – JamDoughnut has its own way of going about its cashback business.

With JamDoughnut you don’t get cashback from making a purchase at a retailer – rather you get the cashback by buying a gift card/gift code for the retailer in question and receiving a discount (cashback) against this purchase. So far example if you wish to shop at Argos – The Jamdoughnut app lists the cashback for Argos as 3.8%. So if you are buying an item for £100 from Argos and want to save money with JamDoughnut – you will buy a gift card/ Gift Code from JamDoughnut for £100 for Argos. By buying this through JamDoughnut you will receive points worth £3.80 immediately after purchase into your wallet (equivalent to the 3.8% cashback)which you can convert into cash,

The value of gift cards that you may purchase will vary from retailer to retailer, but there’s a minimum requirement of £1 and the max goes up to around £100. You’ll gain points as per the cashback rates listed on the JamDoughnut app and conveniently, gift cards can generally be used both in-store and online.

How to get started with JamDoughnut:

So you’ll be pleased to know that the app is completely free to download either from the Apple app store or Google play, and it has no further associated costs. Interestingly JamDoughnut does not seem to function on its website. Other than providing some basic details on its website – the entire cashback portal is app-based and all your purchases must be completed in the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app it only takes a few minutes to create your account and then you’re good to go!

JamDoughnut Referral

How to get started with JamDoughnut and start saving!

  1. Select your brand in the App  and pre-pay the amount you are going to spend (anything you don’t spend will still remain available for next time)
  2. Pay securely using your Mobile Banking App (or Apple/Google Pay)Immediately receive a barcode to use in-store or online
  3. Get A Bonus: For your first pre-payment, you will get an extra £2 (200 points) added to your wallet and if you used a JamDoughnut referral code when signing up (Our referral code is DVHT) – a further 200 points will be awarded. You will instantly receive the points in your JamDoughnut wallet.
  4. Receive your code: You will receive you gift code immediately and you are ready to spend it
  5. Spending your code: Use the barcode at the till in-store or the code when you checkout online. (Remember to choose Gift Card as the payment option when you use your Code). Any funds you do not spend will remain available to spend in your jamdoughnut wallet

Which stores are partnered with JamDoughnut?

There are currently over 140 partnering stores listed on the JamDoughnut app. However, this list is not set in stone and the app is constantly updating partnering retailers. The main takeaway here though is that the app maintains a large number of stores to choose from, so there’s bound to be something here for everyone.

How much cashback can you expect to make/save?

The amount you can expect to save off each purchase will vary between retailers; however, you can expect it to be in a range of 2% to 24% with an average of about 8%. As with any other cashback app of the same nature, the more you spend, the more you save. Some rates as at time of article write up are as follows:

M&S -5.4%, Primark 6.9%, JustEat 5.9%, Costa 7.9%, B&Q 2.9%, Halfords 5.9%

You could even consider stacking your JamDoughnut savings with other offers to maximise earning potential because dependant on the retailer – gift codes are sometimes shown as card payments. (you need to check this with the retailer in question!)

How to maximise earning potential by stacking offers: 

If you put your money savvy cap on and combine your JamDoughnut-related purchase with coupons, vouchers, and/or other types of discounts, you can potentially maximise your earnings. You could even try combining your purchase with other cashback sites like Quidco & Topcashback if those sites do not explicitly exclude giftcards.

It’s worth noting here that before you try to benefit from stacking offers, you must first make sure that the purchase is eligible for such an approach. Sometimes this is a brilliant move to maximise earnings, however, sometimes a purchase is not eligible and it’s better off not stacking at all and keeping things basic.

jamdoughnut referral code: DVHT

Giftcards Don’t Last Forever!

Having read all the T&Cs on the Jamdoughnut app it is worth pointing out that gift cards usually have an expiry date and which can be anywhere between 3 months to a few years. Make sure you use all your gift card balance before expiry. If you are making a purchase for £75 from a retailer you do not regularly shop with – try and buy a gift card for this amount or as close to this as possible so you are not left with money on your gift card. JamDoughnut explicitly states that there are no refunds when gift cards are purchased.

Maximise Your Earning Potential With Prizes

JamDoughnut runs some pretty great prize draws for users to enter on a regular basis. You could win prizes a few different ways like purchasing vouchers with JamDoughnut within a specific time frame or on a certain day. The prizes are easy to try out for and definitely worth having a go at earning, so long as participation does not promote unsustainable spending habits.

Keep An Eye Our For Special Offer To Help You Earn More

Every now and then the app will provide a variety of freebies for you to snap up if they take your fancy. You’ll receive a coupon on your phone that you can scan at checkout. It’s super simple and worth keeping an eye out for.

How Can You Cash Out Your Earning From JamDoughnut?

To cash out your earnings, all you have to do is go over to the ‘wallet’ screen and enter your bank details. The super speedy nature of JamDoughnut means that you’ll only have to wait up to 5 days for the cash out to process. This is much quicker than the app’s current competitors can offer you. Note JamDoughtnut charge 50p cashout fee everytime you withdraw funds.

If you Love JamDougnut – Why Not Shout About It

A brilliant way to help bump up your earnings is to refer JamDoughnut to others, that is if you think it’s worth the hype. The app has a referral scheme whereby you’re given a unique code to share with others. Whenever someone uses your code to join the app, you just have to wait for them to make their first qualifying purchase for you to make a tidy little bonus for yourself. There’s no limit to the amount of people you refer to the app and they even get a nice little joining bonus too. Everybody wins! Please use our JamDoughnut referral code DVHT when you sign up to help us keep the lights on at Referandsave HQ.

What If You Find Yourself In A Pickle And Need A Helping Hand?

While the website/app doesn’t list a comprehensive FAQs section to cater for all your potential queries about JamDoughnut – you do have some contact options. If you find yourself in a pickle and require assistance, you could direct any queries, within business hours, to the live chat messenger on the website. Alternatively, you could contact JamDoughnut either via Facebook or Instagram with a direct message. There are some basic FAQs listed on the JamDoughnut app.

Is JamDougnut To Be Trusted?

Being fairly new to the cashback scene, JamDoughnut has a little catching up to do with building user trust compared to its competitors. However, JamDoughnut is a legitimate company with registration number 12277192. 

Furthermore, it’s gained some very good reviews on TrustPilot, the Apple app store, and Google Play, from previously happy consumers, and there’s no sign that the satisfied customer reviews won’t stop coming in. On top of this, the app even featured on Channel 5’s ‘The Gadget Show’, for an in-depth review! JamDoughnut’s got the social proof needed to build a strong and reliable layer of trust that will comfort and ease any doubts of giving the app a go.

Please be aware that your funds are NOT protected in the JamDougnut app. We advise you to withdraw any funds when you have built some up and not keep these in the JamDougnut app. Furthermore, try not to keep too many gift cards unspent as these have expiry dates which could be as short as 3 months.

JamDoughnut referral code: DVHT

JamDoughnut Pros & Cons:

JamDoughnut is a fantastic twist on cashback sites that deserves some recognition. However, just like every other cashback site out there, it’s not perfect, and along with its pros do come a few cons:


  • Wide range of retailers to choose from which are constantly updated with fresh new offers
  • The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Gift cards become active and ready to use immediatley – helpful for spur of the moment purchases
  • You can share gift cards with friends and family and do not need to spend them yourself
  • Bonus referral scheme to earn extra points/cash
  • You can use the gift/codes instore and online (in most instances)
  • Gift Codes can sometimes be combined with other cahsback sites and always with voucher codes to stack your discounts!


  • Convoluted cashback process which requires additional steps to get cashback by buying gift cards first
  • Cannot link your bank card for seamless background transaction tracking
  • Currently, you have limited options as to how you can purchase gift cards – you can opt for bank transfer or pay via Google or Apple. Unfortunately, for the latter two options you will receive less cashback in return
  • Gift cards are non-refundable, so there’s no wiggle room to change your mind and sometimes you cannot buy the exact amount you need.
  • While the option for stacking benefits is there, you might find it difficult to be successful with this due to the gift card nature of JamDoughnut. Some sites will not give you cashback if paying with a gift card
  • The website gives basic information and doesn’t go into enough detail about the practicalities of the app or any frequently asked questions
  • refunds become much more complicated as you are likely to get a refund back onto a giftcard and if you are not buying anything else from this retailer you are ‘stuck’

Is JamDoughnut Worth It?

Overall, JamDoughnut is a decent cashback app. You’ve got the potential to make some pretty decent savings using the app and it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. With a few further developments, it can be a great money-saving tool which has a USP different to all the other cashback sites.

Unfortunately with the convoluted cashback process requiring you to buy a gift card first and then make a purchase – it is rather a long-winded way to make savings. Especially as those savings do not appear to be higher than those which can be achieved at some of the other larger cashback portals with a click. With a lack of details on its website and app (although the app itself is great) – we are wary of making full use of its cashback potential at least until we are given more time to evaluate and build trust. The lack of refund protection on gift cards also adds to the lack of buy in from the Referandsave staff. If you are going to sign up anyway – then please use our JamDoughnut Referral Code: DVHT

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