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myvitamin referral code

MyVitamins Referral Code:

Get 50% off your 1st order by entering referral code IRFAN-RK during the registration process. You will then automatically get 50% when you take your basket to checkout.

Being stuck indoors during the lockdown period meant I wasn’t getting enough vitamin D from exposure to sunlight and I really started lethargic and rundown. I was getting aches and pains and feeling tired all the time so I spoke to my doctor who told me I needed to start taking vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is needed to support the normal functions of the immune system so it’s beneficial for everyone. I hate taking pills unless there is no alternative so I was pleased to find Vitamin D gummies by MyVitamins.  They were so different to any other vitamin I have had previously as they are a made of a soft gel capsule and came in a variety of flavours. They even taste exactly like gummy sweets! I was even able to get a gigantic 50% off my first order using MyVitaminsthe referral code IRFAN-RK so I made sure I stocked up during my first purchase!

myvitamin referral code
myvitamin referral code

I was so pleased when my order arrived. I ordered a selection of gummies as shown in the picture above and some ‘normal’ vitamin tablets which were great but on the large size! It could all be in my mind – but I really felt better a few days after I started taking them! I felt more energised and slightly more perky than normal! I especially liked that Myvitamins have an app so it’s easy for me to browse through their products on the tube 🙂

My first order consisted of essential supplements only – but the quality of my order and me feeling so much better after taking them for a few day meant it wasn’t long before I started looking at what else they had to offer. sThey really do have a full range of supplements to help aid weight loss, performance, and as well as beauty and general wellness. so I can guarantee you will find a supplement just for suited to you. Not forgetting if you go to the Myvitamins website ( and register using myvitamin referral code: IRFAN-RKyou will also get 50% off your first order. Even if you use this referral code, you can may still be able add other coupon codes to your cart during the checkout phase – which means you can combine your purchase with other discounts and save even more money!

myvitamin referral code
myvitamin referral code

Another product I ordered in my last purchase was Myvitamins Retinol supplements for my blemish prone skin (which are also available in the soft gel capsules). Retinol is one of the most sought-after ingredients in the beauty industry and is growing in popularity as a key beauty ingredient, so I wanted to add it to my list of supplements. After a few months of use I feel like I’ve had less breakouts and found that my skin felt softer and smoother which is fantastic. Whenever vitamin supplements come up in conversation or I think they could help someone I always recommend Myvitamins primarily for the range on offer and the significantly lower prices than I have seen on the high street or on other websites. Just to note they even have a handy vegan section on their website which was really helpful for one of my friends in particular who often struggles to find the vitamins due to her dietary requirements.

The Myvitamins company is a part of the Hut group which includes some of the world’s most distinguished brands in beauty and nutrition, so I know I can trust their products and their prices. So, if you want high quality vitamins that are value for money and a wide range to choose from go to Myvitamins and enjoy your 50% discount off your first purchase with myvitamin referral code: IRFAN-RK

Wishing you all good health!

H X 

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