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Tulipshare Promotion/Referral Code

Sign up to Tulipshare by following the tulipshare referral link above (best to activate on a mobile device) and receive FREE cash to invest when you deposit £100. *Note the offer changes regularly and you will receive the promotion available at the time of signup which is usually between £10 & £50 of FREE cash – You must invest the FREE cash deposited to your account within 30 days.

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As someone who has recently discovered Tulipshare, I am proud to be part of their innovative online trading platform. The concept is simple yet extremely powerful. An inclusive, low-cost platform open to everyone which allows you to vote on ethical issues involving global companies through your investments. 

Tulipshare is a new activist investor platform, combining the power of crowdfunding and shareholder rights to enable retail shareholders to get their views heard. An activist investor is an individual or group that purchases large numbers of a public company’s shares and/or tries to obtain seats on the company’s board to effect a significant change within the company.

Buy a share – have a say

By signing up to Tulipshare you can become an ‘activist investor’ by purchasing shares in household names like Apple, Amazon and Coca-Cola and then cast your vote to either support or reject any proposed changes that the board might suggest or campaigns that Tulpishare considers important. In doing so, you have the power to drive change in the boardroom and promote ethical values where needed. This is a huge step forward for anyone that was previously unable to get involved in the investment world and especially if you have concerns about how certain companies are being run.

What is Tulipshare?

Founded in 2021, Tulipshare is a platform for anyone interested in ethical investing. Headed up by its CEO Antoine Argouges, Tulipshare has already raised $11.8 million in funding during its two rounds of investment – the most recent of which was a Seed round in December 2021. What’s more, the platform already has over 28,000 UK users and is continuing to grow. 

Their Aim to Make Change in the World of Trading

At the heart of the platform is the ability to vote on potential investments through ‘voting rights’. By holding voting rights, clients are able to have an active say in the decisions that are made through the platform and how their funds are allocated. Voting rights are secured through the purchase of voting shares and Tulipshares makes this process as simple as possible to ensure that even those who are new to the experience of shareholder activism can make informed decisions.

What is shareholder activism?

Shareholder activism refers to the actions taken by shareholders to influence the management and strategy of a company, typically through the use of their voting rights at shareholder meetings. Activist shareholders may push for changes such as management shakeups, divestitures, or changes to the company’s business model. They may also push for increased transparency and accountability from the company’s management and board of directors. Activist shareholders can be individual investors, hedge funds, or other institutional investors.

Tulipshare referral
Tulipshare referral – sign up here for free cash

How does Tulipshare support this process?

By signing up for Tulipshare you are presented with a list of publicly traded businesses within which you can invest. This is a curated list of businesses that have been identified by Tulipshare as not meeting their ESG targets and you are able to buy shares in those businesses and issues you are most concerned about to help bring about change.

Tulipshare then engages with these companies to push them to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets to drive positive change and create better outcomes for investors and the planet. This is achieved by working closely with the companies, sharing best practices, and holding them accountable for meeting their ESG targets.

Tulipshare believes companies with better ESG credentials are not only doing more to create a better world for our people and planet, but they have on average a lower chance of going bankrupt, more stable cash flows, and are more resilient to external ESG shocks, such as tightened regulation on pollution and climate change.

When you sign up for Tulipshare you are presented with a list of issues which you may feel most strongly about such as: Health Equity, Climate Change, Operational Transparency, Worker rights, Racial Equality, Child Labour, CEO Pay, Political Spending and Plastic Pollution.

You are then able to see which businesses and which issues within those categories are being campaigned for by Tulipshare. Here is an example of a curated list of businesses you can invest in and the issues which Tulipshare would like to challenge.

You are now able to invest in the businesses with the issues you would most like to support and the businesses you would most like to invest in.

How Do I Get Started at Tulipshare?

  • Click the link HERE or at the top of this article to activate the Tulipshare promotional offer. (note it will not be obvious that the referral has been activated)
  • Download the Tulipshare app
  • Fill in the required personal information (very simple – no physical ID checks or selfies etc) – just your address details and your NI number required)
  • Once completed you will get a notification to say your account has been approved
  • You will not need to deposit funds into your account. Note: You need to deposit £100 to activate the Tulipshare referral offer and this can be done very easily with apple pay and google pay directly.
  • Once funds are available in your account you need to convert these to US Dollars – as all stocks are for US based businesses.
  • Once $ funds are available – Choose a live campaign you want to back and thats it!

Current Offers & Promotions – (Tulipshare Referral)

Are you looking to get investing in the stock market with Tulipshare? If so, you’re in luck! For a limited time, Tulipshare are offering a between£10 and £50 credit to anyone who tops up their Tulipshare account with at least £100.  Use the tulipshare promo link here

All you need to do then is invest the entirety of the free credit within 30 days, and then observe certain withdrawal restrictions for 90 days after the credit to allow you to keep the free cash!

Before taking part in Tulipshare’s free credit promotion, please be sure to read and understand the Terms & Conditions. This information includes the eligibility requirements and the latest active promotion details: https://tulipshare.com/promo

A Bit More About How Tulipshare Works..

Tulip ESG Policies

As an investor, we all want to maximise value and move with the times. Today just investing for monetary gain is not enough – We want to make sure we are investing with ESG in mind. This is where Tulipshare comes in and supports our investment decision-making.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. ESG credentials refer to a set of standards or guidelines that assess the environmental and social impact of a company’s operations, as well as its governance practices.

Environmental considerations include a company’s impact on climate change, resource consumption, and pollution, among other things. Social considerations include a company’s treatment of employees, suppliers, and communities, as well as its human rights record. Governance considerations include a company’s transparency, accountability, and leadership.

ESG credentials are used to evaluate the overall sustainability of a company and its performance in these areas. Many investors use ESG criteria as part of their investment decision-making process, as they believe that companies that perform well in ESG areas will be more likely to have long-term financial success.

After signing up at Tulipshare you can visit the app dashboard to find out which Tulipshare campaigns you would like to support. New campaigns are being added all the time and if you have an issue you are passionate about you can provide the details to Tulipshare too. Their team of skilled researchers and legal experts work hard to bring each campaign to life, carry out research and provide all the details ready for you to decide whether it is something you would like to invest in.

Remember this is a curated list of campaigns with certain businesses only. Tulipshare does not provide 1000s of stocks to invest in and a multitude of buying options and trading accounts. You’re simply investing in the businesses listed on the campaigns page for issues that you feel strongest about to help bring about change.

Fees and costs

Tulipshare charges transaction fees when you buy shares through its provider. It also charges a currency conversion fee when you put money in your account.

Transaction amountFee
Up to $507%
$50 – $1006%
$100 – $2003%
$200 – $5001.35%
$500 – $1,0000.75%
$1,000 or more0.5%

The currency conversion fee depends on the amount you want to convert, but does not go above 0.75%.

Typically, stockbrokers charge transaction fees of 1%-2%. Thus, Tulipshare is relatively expensive for low-value transactions but becomes competitive for larges sums. If you want to invest less than $200, you need to decide whether your voice and your chance to make a difference are worth the extra fees.

Final Thoughts on Tulipshares

It’s no longer accepted that you can just buy shares in companies and forget about how that money was earned and how people (and the environment) was treated along the way. Today investors expect more than just profits and this is where Tulipshare allows even small investors have a say in how big corporations behave. If you feel strongly about ESG issues then Tulipshare is one of a new breed of trading platforms that can help.

I have been using Tulipshare for the last few months – and although it is not my primary trading app – I still feel like I am doing my bit. The app is simple to use – there are no gimmicks here. It has one primary purpose and it delivers on that very well. Currently, there are not a huge number of campaigns to choose but I expect the number to increase over the next few months as the user count increases and the app gains traction.

There are fees to pay – in a world where more and more new apps are coming online offering free trading this is slightly disappointing (and its on the expensive side) – but when Tulipshare is trying to make a change for good – sometimes you have to take a little pain for the greater good. Don;t forget to sign up with our Tulipshare referral link to get a FREE cash deposit when you deposit £100 into your new account.

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