Bike Club Referral: FAISAL NISAR & Get 25% Off for 6 Months

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Bike Club Referral: FAISAL NISAR

NEW OFFER UPDATED DECEMEBER 2023: Sign up for a bike club membership by entering Bike Club referral: FAISAL NISAR in the Bike club ‘referred by friend’ box at checkout or by clicking the link here and get 25% off your first 6 months subscription when taking out a new bike subscription.

Do you remember that feeling on Christmas morning of seeing a beautifully wrapped present underneath the tree and knowing it wasn’t the right shape for a bike? Yeah, Bike Club remember that too. They don’t want any kid to have the disappointment of not getting their own bike to ride. And they certainly don’t want parents to have to worry about how they are going to afford another set of wheels as soon as their child has another growth spurt. That’s why Bike Club have come up with a brilliant new concept for subscription-based bike ownership for kids. 

Bike club referral
Bike club referral: FAISAL NISAR

Bikes are expensive and kids grow really, really fast which means their need for new bikes outstrips many normal families’ finances. So when we got to partner with Bike Club we were thrilled to find out that if you sign up for a bike club membership by following this Biek Club referral link, you’ll get a 25% discount for 6 months when taking out a new bike subscription.

Bike Club’s bicycle subscription service doesn’t just save us cash. But it stops us from wasting money on bikes that are going to become obsolete each time our kids grow. Bike Club, have come up with a genius solution to tackle those wasted wheels so that you’ll never have to buy a new bike again. And with subscriptions starting from as little as £4.49 a month, it’s a service open to all budgets.  

Bike club referral

It’s such a genius idea that it got us saying, “why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner?” And if you’re the same, we probably don’t need to convince you that signing up for Bike Club is an ace idea. So let’s get cracking by finding out exactly how it works.

How Bike Club works couldn’t be easier. Head over to their website (make sure you use our Bike Club referral to get a 25% discount) and then follow these basic steps:

Step One: Select your bike

Use Bike Club’s interactive bike finder to help you find the perfect bike for your child. 

Step Two: Set up payment. 

New members will need to create an account and submit their details to set up a monthly direct debit. 

Step Three: Receive your bike

Bike Club will deliver your first bike and joining pack at a time that’s convenient to you. As soon as you receive your bike, you’re a Bike Club member. Congratulations! 

Step Four: Get Riding! 

Bike club only use premium quality bike brands so you know your child will have the best riding experience. But they expect their bikes to be ridden and loved, so normal wear and tear is covered in the subscription cost. So you don’t need to worry if it’s a bit of a bumpy ride. 

But what happens after this?  

Children grow out of their bikes really quickly but that’s the beauty of Bike Club. If you’ve chosen a balance bike, you can exchange your kid’s wheels after 12 months or after 18 months for bigger bikes. At the end of this period, you can exchange your bike for free. Bike Club will collect the old bike at the same time as delivering a new one. 

And if you want to change your bike sooner, no problem! Just pay the one-off courier fee of £19.99 and you can exchange your bike whenever you want. Plus, you can cancel at any point and return your bike if the service is no longer working for you. 

We love any concept or brand that gets behind kids having fun and learning new skills, but we love them even more when those businesses are sustainable. And Bike Club is exactly that. Bike Club bikes are exchanged and refurbished to share with selected communities or groups. And because parents don’t need to buy new bikes every time their kid grows, there’s a hugely positive knock-on for the environment. In fact, it cut cuts out huge amounts of CO2 per bike which is a fantastic boost for the world and our wallets. 

Bike Club is definitely the way forward for kid’s bikes– literally, and remember to grab your great deal: sign up for a bike club membership by following this Bike Club referral link you’ll get a 25% discount when taking out a new bike subscription.

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