Talkremit Referral Code: C827477

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Click the link to register or use referral code: C827477 when registering at Talkremit and get £20 FREE CASH added to your balance after completing money transfers totalling £100. (Works for € users too – see below)

For those of you who have been following me over the past few months you will know that I have started to use money transfer services to send money to family and friends and also to pay to feed a family I sponsor abroad.

In the past I have struggled to find the best transfer service but lately I have found a number of fintech money transfer services that are simply amazing. The latest one that has caught my attention and that I tried for the first time today is Talkremit.

The registration process is very simple and they are running a friends referral scheme with a field which requests your referrer code. This gives you a BONUS payment of £20 to use on your next transfer once you have transferred £100. My referrer code is: C827477. Add that code during registration and we will both receive £20 to use on our next transfers. 🙂

Dependant on the country you are sending money to you will have a variety of payment options from direct to bank, mobile payment or cash pickup. I did find that for a couple of countries I was only able to send direct to bank which was perfect for me as that is my usual method but for some of you that may not be suitable.

The fees charged were tiny compared to some of the other services I have used (but in those instances they usually give you a couple of fee free transfers) – so its worth bearing in mind if this is a one off payment to get the free bonus cash for using the referral code: C827477 or whether you will continue to use the service in the future.

Talkremit have one other benefit over other services. They have instant chat available (which is probably why they are called Talkremit) so if you need anything when making your transfer they are always nearby to help!

Talkremit referrer code: C827477
Talkremit referral code: C827477

My transfer was sent immediately after completing verification and arrived at its destination in South Asia within a few hours. I received my £20 free cash a few days later for using the Talkremit Referral code. (note you don’t have to be a UK resident to use the referral code – you can be based all over the world and the code will still work and give you FREE CASH – see T&Cs to see where it works listed in FAQs below)

Frequently asked questions:

What is the Talkremit referrer code?
Use referral code: C827477 when registering at Talkremit and you will receive £20/€25 FREE cash

Where do I enter the Talkremit referral code?
During the sign up process after entering your name, email address and password you are presented with a box labelled referrer code? Enter the code: C827477 to activate your FREE bonus cash payment

What is the criteria to get my Talkremit Friends referral payment?
As long as you have used the referrer code: C827477 during the sign up process you should receive your BONUS payment within 7 days after completing transfers of £100 in the UK.

Is the Talkremit referral code usable in other countries?
Yes you can use the Talkremit referral code: C827477 and you will get your bonus payment in your own currency. The full terms for where the referral program works is shown here:

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