TikTok Invite Code: CF29656446 & Get £6 Amazon Voucher

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TikTok Invite Code:

Sign up to TikTok using our TikTok Invite code: CF29656446 and complete the signup process by going to reward page on the TikTok app (within 24 hours). Sign in every day for 7 days to get £6 worth of points to use at Amazon, Apple or Paypal (or less if you don’t sign in every day)

TikTok Invite
TikTok invite code: CF29656446

If you haven’t heard of TikTok, where have you been for the last few years? And before you say anything, no, it isn’t just a ‘thing’ for the kids – wake up and smell the potential people! OK, we’ll admit, there are tonnes of teenagers dancing, and a hell of a lot of cats in outfits that surely must be humiliating for the poor things, but there’s a lot of good stuff on the platform, too. And if you use the TikTok invite code: CF29656446 you can get £6 FREE Amazon vouchers – and even if a cat video can’t make you smile, that deal surely will.  

So what has TikTok got that other platforms haven’t? Quite a few things, actually. One of those is a huge audience for your short-form videos. And as TikTok remains the most popular app at the beginning of 2024, and has sustained that position since 2021, it’s not going to slow down anytime soon. 

And if you have no idea what TikTok is about, let’s break it down a bit. TikTok videos can be up to 60 seconds long (more if you’re really cool). And since its launch in 2016, its built up a huge library of microfilms. It’s been used as a platform for all sorts of purposes from lip-syncing celebrities and budding athletes to respected authors and brands. Why have so many jumped on board the TikTok train? Good question. Some to educate, some to raise awareness, some to influence their ‘following’ and many, many to simply entertain. 

TikTok invite code: CF29656446

But the Refer and Save team are not here to judge. If you want to learn or show off your WAP skills, go you! If you want to watch a kid fight KenBeans in Solo Arena, that’s OK, too – whatever makes you happy. But there are people teaching, sharing, empowering and healing on TikTok that makes it more than a dumping ground for pointless fluff. TikTok has been, and is going to continue to be, a powerful tool for those who want to experience things that they might not get in their everyday lives – and that’s great in our book. 

While the majority of users are still in the 10-19-year-old age bracket, it’s only a majority of less than 3%. In fact, 22.4% of users are 20-29 years old, 21.7% are 30-39 and 20.3% are between 40 and 49 years old. That means there are statistically far more adults with wage-earning potential on the site than those who are dependent on their parents. So, hello! Business potential anyone?  

TikTok is slowly but surely being harnessed by all sorts of brands, charities, educational establishments and businesses to get their messages and products to as wide an audience as possible in a media form that’s quickly digestible and current. So while it does take some effort to produce content, it can be a valuable asset to any business, small or large. 

Don’t forget to sign in within 24 hours of using our TikTok referral code to get £6 free. The TikTok code is: CF29656446

But whether you want to use TikTok to help your side hustle skyrocket or raise awareness of  your Scout group’s activities then here are some tips to get you growing your audience:

1. Explore feeds and discover like-minded people. 

You’ll get a feel for the kind of content that works (and doesn’t) and it’ll give you some inspiration for your own content. You’ll also get to check out the potential competition and go better or try something different to stand out. 

4. Capture your creativity. 

Do the unexpected. Don’t replicate others – be yourself. Authenticity is key to your success or your brand. And authenticity really matters to your audience. 

3. Use Hashtags 

Hashtags will be the key way for you to reach your target audience. You should be used to using hashtags by now because they’re everywhere but if not, check out other feeds to see what’s catching your eye. You’ve got a 100-character limit, so that’s plenty of hashtags to get your feed seen!

So what’s stopping you? Use our TikTok invite code: CF29656446 and you’ll get £6 FREE Amazon vouchers and access to the cutest cat videos on the internet. What more could you want?

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