ellesse Referral Code: FAISAL-R3

Use referral code: FAISAL-R3 when registering a new account at ellesse to get £5 off your first order. As this code is auto populated you may be able to combine with other offers on the site.

There’s a time and a place for certain types of clothing, right? Well, kind of, but then again maybe not. Like many types of cultural differences, clothing has come to represent our personalities more and more. We get to dress in ways that traditional rules would not have allowed back in the day. That’s why if I’m vibing ‘urban-sport’ on certain days then my go-to shopping site is ellesse.

ellesse referral code
ellesse referral code: FAISAL-R3

Some days I’m want to rock a street look. A quick search on ellesse and I’m checking out the Rigi dress. I’m planning to pair it with MK X ellesse Color-Block Jacket – which I’m totally gushing over by the way. Want a piece of the ellesse action? You get £5 off when using ellesse referral code: FAISAL-R3. Oh and, guys, I haven’t forgotten you. Grab yourself the Gazzo Oh Jacket and we’re good to hit the streets.

Of course, ellesse is a brand that we naturally link to sport so we know they’re going to have us covered when we’re hitting the gym, track or pool. When it comes to everyday fitness, I love ellesse’s simple styles like a Curasci vest top and their Queenstown joggers. But if I’m trying to keep cool and look cool when I’m working out I’ll go for the Fondi Sports Bra and Tang shorts.

Ellesse Referral Code
Ellesse Referral Code: FAISAL-R3

Are you the outdoorsy type? If so the ellesse site has pages of gear dedicated to your game. If you like nothing better than swinging your way around a fairway, ellesse can help you look less like tigger and more like Tiger. If Wimbledon has inspired you to pick up a racket or if you’re just channelling your inner Williams’ sisters, you might want to check out the tennis lines. Retro but cute white tennis dresses to a silver Houghton Crop top that’s got future champion written all over it – metaphorically of course, the label says ellesse.

Cold-water swimming is all the rage but I’m more of a beach-read by the pool and a quick dip type. Either way ellesse’s styles will suit all swimmers. If you’re brilliant at butterfly and your crawl’s fly then I just navigate to the site’s dedicated swimwear page and dive straight in.

Sports would be no good without the right shoes. They’ve got trainers to help you look cool even when you’re completing a sweaty half-marathon or flats for driving back from the track. And on slack days, no judgment, we all have them, slip on some sliders and head to the beach. 

I have a bit of a thing for brands and ellesse have partnered with other brands to push their styles beyond the name. I have my eye on MK X ellesse cotton blend hoodie dress for my work from home days. But if you don’t like your ellesse crossed with any other brand then you or your man will love the badged jacket. It showcases all of ellesse signature branding and screams retro.

ellesse referral code
ellesse referral code: FAISAL-R3

We all like to know that brands are doing the right thing these days, and you’ll be as pleased as I was to learn that ellesse is part of the better cotton initiative. This makes sure the cotton used in ellesse clothing more sustainably sourced and ethically produced. Not only this but the brand are driving towards better working conditions and increased human rights of those in their supply chain. This means you can wear the ellesse brand with e clearer conscience.

Before I forget, the site also has an ‘outlet’ page so not only can you pick up some great looks, you get to save some serious cash too. And don’t forget to use my ellesse referral code: FAISAL-R3 for £5 off to save even more.