The Best FREE Money Opportunities in the UK (2024 Edition)

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Free Money Opportunites UK

Free Money Offers In The UK

All our free money offers are correct at time of writing, however please note, these offers are subject to change and can be withdrawn at any time . Please check out each individual offer page for full T&Cs.


In the UK, there are quite a number of ways to get free money without needing to spend much or work a regular job. Some options include opening new bank accounts where banks pay you to sign up for a new account, signing up for cashback programs where you earn money back on purchases you make, to free money simply for signing up to a new online platform or mobile app and lots of others too! While none of these methods will make you rich overnight, they can help you earn extra cash without having to invest a lot of your own money upfront.

In 2024 where every single penny counts, finding opportunities to earn extra money without significant investment is very welcome. So today at Referandsave we have worked tirelessly to consolidate all the best free money offers into a single, user-friendly resource. In this article, we’ll explore all the free money offers in the UK, making it easier than ever for you to boost your income.

By aggregating all the offers from a wide range of sources we have eliminated the need for you to scour multiple websites to find the best offers. Instead, you access a curated list of free money opportunities conveniently right here in this article. Note: every single offer listed below has been tried and tested by our team and has its very own review which is linked if you are interested in finding out more.

Navigating free money offers can be overwhelming, especially for those unfamiliar with hoe they work – So we have simplified this process by categorising all the offers based on their type, such as free shares, cashback rewards, free money signup offers, and free cash for transferring money This should make it easier for you to identify relevant offers and take action to maximise your earnings without confusion or hassle.

Not all free money offers are created equal, and users may find it challenging to separate legitimate opportunities from scams or low-quality offers. Here at Refer and Save we have addressed this concern by curating a selection of high-quality offers vetted for authenticity and value. Users can trust that the offers featured on Refer and Save have been thoroughly researched and verified, giving them confidence in pursuing opportunities to earn free money.

In addition to consolidating existing free money offers, Refer andSave has also negotiated exclusive deals and promotions with partner companies to offer even greater value. These exclusive offers are not available elsewhere. By leveraging our partnerships and industry connections, we try to ensure that you have access to the best possible deals for maximising your earnings.

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Free Money In The UK (By Category)

Table Of All Free Money Offers

Trading 212Random free share worth up to £100 on signup with promo
FreetradeRandom share worth upto £100 when using referral link
Invest EngineUp to £50 cash added to your balance
Wombat Invest£10 cash added to your wallet
StakeA free Go Pro, Dropbox or Nike Share
WealthyhoodA free ETF worth up to £100 when using a referral to sign up
Shares.ioGet a free random share when signing up
QuantfuryFree stock or crypto when signing up
Airtime RewardsGet £1.50 when using our Airtime Rewards referral code
TopCashbackSign up with Topcashback referral and get £30
QuidcoSign up and get £15 using Quidco referral
Cheddar£2 FREE when signing up with our code
Jam DoughnutUse our Jam Doughnut referral for 400 free points
OhMyDosh!Get £1 free when signing up
WidilioUse our referral for £5 cashback on sign up
KidstartUse Kidstart referral to get £5 bonus cash
BeanstalkOpen a junior ISA and get £5 Free
PicodiSign up and get £4 using Picodi referral a £5 welcome bonus using referral
Tide*EXCLUSIVE* – Get £75 cash using referral code: REFER75
ChipGet up to £50 cash bonus when depositing cash 
MonzoUse referral for £5 free
Klarna£10 FREE added to your balance when signing up
MoneseSign up wth Monese invite and get £30
Capital On Tap£75 Free when using Capital On Tap promo
CurveUse Curve promo to get £5 Free
Kroo£10 Free credit on sign up
CurrenseaGet £10 Free when signing up with invite code
Rooster Money Rooster Money code for £10 free
ZilchGet £5 free when signing up with Zilch referral
Paypal£10 Free when you use our Paypal referral
SnoopA £5 Amazon Free for connecting bank account
Go HenryUse Go Henry referral for £20 free
Raisin£50 Free when using our Raisin referral code
MoneyfarmPromo code for £750 when signing up
American ExpressGet up to 80k FREE membership points using referral.
Vitality£100 Amazon voucher using Vitality referral
TikTokUse TikTok invite for £6 Paypal bonus
The OutGet £50 off vehicle rental using referral
Better Health AdviceTake out health insurance to get £100 Amazon voucher
Many Pets£30 Amazon voucher for taking out pet insurance
SkyTake out Sky sub and get £100 cashback
Animal Friends£10 Amazon voucher when taking out pet insurance
Virgin MediaTake out Virgin subscription for up to £100 cashback
EON£50 referral bonus when changing electricity supplier
Profile PensionsGet a £50 voucher when signing up
ThreeUp to £80 using our Three referral
World RemitUse our Worldremit referral and get £10 free
Remitly£10 free when using our Remitly referral
TransfergoUse Transfergo referral TSFG10 for £10
TalkremitGet £20 bonus when making money transfer
SkrillMake a transfer and get £10 free with Skrill referral

Several share trading platforms have revolutionised the investment landscape by offering enticing incentives, such as free shares, to new users upon signing up. These platforms, including well-known names like Freetrade, Trading 212, and Stake, aim to democratise investing by making it accessible to a wider audience. By offering free shares as a sign-up bonus, these platforms not only attract new users but also incentivise them to engage with the stock market and start building their investment portfolios. This approach has proven successful in encouraging individuals, particularly younger generations, to take their first steps into the world of investing, fostering financial literacy and empowerment along the way.

Trading 212: (free share worth up to £100)

Trading212 Invest is a comprehensive investment app offering commission-free trading of stocks and ETFs. With its user-friendly interface and extensive range of financial instruments, Trading212 provides both beginner and experienced investors with the tools they need to manage their portfolios efficiently and make informed investment decisions.

Free Money offer: Trading 212 offer all new sign ups a free share worth up to £100, $100, or €100 when either signing up by following the referral link or by entering the Trading 212 promo code (As this code changes regularly, please click the full review button above for the current trading 212 promo code. You will need to fund your account before your free share is provided. You can sell this free share and withdraw the funds when needed. TRADING212 PROMO CODE AND LINK HERE

Freetrade: (free share worth up to £100)

Freetrade Invest is a popular investment app that provides commission-free trading of stocks and ETFs. With its intuitive interface and range of investment options, Freetrade empowers users to build diversified portfolios and invest in companies they believe in, all without paying any trading fees.

Free Money offer: New users who sign up through one of our Freetrade referral links can get a free share worth up to £100 after depositing just £1 into their account. Use this LINK and then compete signup to activate the offer. Free shares are usually delivered weekly and get be sold immediately after they are rewarded. FREETRADE REFERRAL LINK HERE

InvestEngine: (Get up to £50 Cash Bonus FREE)

InvestEngine is a easy to use investment app that provides users with automated portfolio management services. With its advanced algorithms and personalised investment strategies. InvestEngine offers a streamlined approach to wealth management, allowing users to optimise their investments with minimal effort.

Free money offer: If you sign up through our Investengine referral link and fund your account with a minimum of £100 – you can receive up to £50 extra cash after you have deposited. The funds can be removed if required. INVESTENGINE REFERRAL LINK HERE

Wombat Invest: (Get £10 Free cash added to your balance)

Wombat Invest is a user-friendly investment app designed to make investing in the stock market accessible to everyone. With its straightforward interface and educational resources, Wombat Invest helps users learn about investing while allowing them to buy and sell fractional shares of stocks and ETFs effortlessly.

Free money offer: By using our Wombat referral code: KX5N86SC you can unlock a special reward of £10 when you sign up. You simply need to complete the registration process to receive your free £10 bonus cash. WOMBAT REFERRAL CODE: KX5N86SC – APPLY HERE

Stake: (Get a free share in Go Pro, Dropbox, or Nike)

Stake is a dynamic investment app that enables users to invest in fractional shares of stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with ease. With its user-friendly interface and low barrier to entry, Stake Share empowers individuals to participate in the stock market and build diversified investment portfolios, regardless of their level of experience or capital.

Free money offer: Start your journey with the Stake shares platform and get a valuable share by spinning the wheel and getting a random share in either Go Pro, Dropbox or NIKE (which could be worth more than £100). Sign up using the Stake invite code: faisaln428 or use this Stake referral link. You will need to deposit $50 to your account within 24 hours to activate the free stock offer. STAKE REFERRAL LINK HERE OR STAKE INVITE CODE: faisaln428

Wealthyhood: (Get a free ETF worth up to £200)

Wealthyhood is an innovative financial management app designed to empower users to take control of their finances effortlessly. With its intuitive interface, Wealthyhood offers comprehensive tools for budgeting, tracking expenses, and setting financial goals, tailored to individual needs.

Free money offer: Use our Wealthyhood referral link to start investing in your financial future and get a free ETF share worth up to £200. You will need to deposit a minimum of £10 within 7 days to activate the free share and follow the referral link to ensure you meet the terms and conditions. WEALTHYHOOD REFERRAL HERE (Get a free random share) is a cutting-edge social investment app designed for both novice and experienced investors, offering a seamless platform for trading stocks and sharing your investment choices with friends. With its intuitive interface and robust features, empowers users to monitor market trends, execute trades, and manage their portfolios with ease, all in one convenient application.

Free money offer: To claim your free random share on in the UK you need use our referral link to sign up for a new account. Once you have deposited funds to your account – your free share will be rewarded. SHARES.IO REFERRAL LINK

Quantfury: (Get up to £200 in shares or crypto)

Quantfury is a trading app that provides users with access to global financial markets without any commission fees. With its unique approach of offering cryptocurrency trading alongside traditional assets like stocks and commodities, Quantfury empowers traders to execute trades directly on major exchanges with full transparency and no hidden costs.

Free money offer: To claim your free stock or cryptocurrency worth up to £200 you can check out our comprehensive article above. Alternatively, sign up for an account at Quantfury and enter our Quantfury invite code: IGAPY4DY. This will activate the free reward, which will be provided once you have deposited a minimum of $100 in either crypto or fiat currency to your account. Your reward will be paid out within 30 days but should show as pending immediately. QUANTFURY INVITE CODE: IGAPY4DY – APPLY HERE


Earning free money through cashback sites has become a popular and effortless way for consumers to save on their everyday purchases. These platforms, such as TopCashback and Quidco, offer users the opportunity to earn back a percentage of the money they spend when shopping online. By simply clicking through the cashback site before making a purchase, users can unlock exclusive deals and earn cashback rewards on their transactions. Whether shopping for groceries, clothing, electronics, or travel bookings, cashback sites provide a hassle-free way to stretch your budget and maximize savings. With no additional cost or effort required, cashback sites offer a win-win scenario for savvy shoppers looking to make the most of their money.

Airtime Rewards: (get £1.50 for signing up)

Airtime Rewards is an innovative rewards program that allows users to earn credits towards their mobile phone bills by shopping with participating retailers. By linking their debit or credit cards to the app, users can effortlessly accumulate rewards with everyday purchases, helping to offset the cost of their mobile phone service.

Free money offer: If you enter our Airtime Rewards invitation code: AFKLHVED when you sign up, you can to up to get £1.50 cashback for free. You will need to download the Airtime Rewards app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store onto your mobile device. During the sign up process, remember to enter the invite code AFKLHVED to receive your free £1.50 cashback bonus. This is made up of 50p immediately and another £1.00 when you complete one connected transaction within 7 days. Note: You can also enter the code in the promo box AFTER you have registered to activate. AIRTIME REWARDS INVITE CODE: AFKLHVED – APPLY HERE

Topcashback: (£30 FREE for using Topcashback referral to sign up)

TopCashback is a leading cashback website that enables users to earn money back on their online purchases. By simply clicking through the TopCashback portal before making a purchase at one of its affiliated retailers, users can receive a percentage of their spending back as cashback, making it a popular choice for savvy shoppers looking to save money.

Free money offer: When you sign up as a new member to Topcashback through our referral link, you will get a £30 cash bonus added to your wallet for withdrawal. You will need to make a cashback claim of at least £5 to receive your free money. To activate the offer you must sign up with our referral link. TOPCASHBACK REFERRAL HERE

Quidco: (Earn £15 Cashback on sign up)

Quidco is a prominent cashback website offering users the opportunity to earn money back on their online purchases. By shopping through the Quidco platform at participating retailers, users can receive a percentage of their spending back as cashback, making it a valuable tool for saving money on everyday expenses.

Free money offer: If you sign up for Quidco using our Quidco referral link, you’ll get a nice £15 bonus to get you started. You will need to claim at least £15 cashback before your referral bonus is rewarded and added to your wallet. Visit the Quidco website or download the Quidco app to initiate the signup process. QUIDCO REFERRAL HERE (Get £2 FREE MONEY Using Referral Code: REFERAS)

Cheddar is a new online platform that provides cashback on purchases similar to Airtime Rewards. But also provides instant cashback on giftcard purchases and a payment service allowing you to receive and send money from friends and family.

Free money offer: If you sign up as a new user with our referral code REFERAS, you will get a £2 cash bonus added to your wallet when you purchase a giftcard within 15 days of signup. You can either go directly to the site and download the app to activate the offer, or you can enter our exclusive Cheddar referral code: REFERAS. You’ll automatically receive £2 free cash credited to your account balance once you have purchased a giftcard which can be withdrawn immediately. CHEDDER.ME REFERRAL CODE: REFERAS – APPLY HERE

JamDoughnut: (Get 400 Points worth £4 FREE)

Jam Doughnut is another cashback service similar to which provide you with cashback when you purchase giftcards through its portal.

Free money offer: If you sign up with our Jam Doughnut referral code: DVHT, you will get up to 400 points added to your balance to get you started (worth £4). To get free money download the JamDoughnut app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Sign up for a new account and enter the referral code DVHT to receive between 200 and 400 free points after you have made your first giftcard purchase. JAM DOUGHNUT REFERRAL CODE: DVHT – APPLY HERE

OhMyDosh!: (Get £1 free cash added to your balance)

OhMyDosh! is a widely-used cashback platform in the UK that allows users to earn money back on various online activities. From shopping at partner retailers to completing surveys and signing up for free trials, OhMyDosh! offers a diverse range of ways for users to accumulate cashback, making it a popular choice for those seeking to boost their savings.

Free money offer: Sign up for an account at ohmydosh! using our referral link here and get £1 cash immediately added to your wallet after you have completed registration. Note you need to earn £10 before you can withdraw your funds. OHMYDOSH! REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Widilo: (Get £5 free added to your wallet)

Widilo is a popular cashback platform in the UK, offering users the opportunity to earn money back on their online purchases. With a wide range of participating retailers and exclusive deals, Widilo provides an enticing way for shoppers to save money while shopping online.

Free money offer: Sign up to Widilo and enter Widilo referral code: 5394G2 during the registration process to get an additional £5 cash added to your wallet once you have completed your first transaction. WIDILO REFERRAL CODE: 5394G2 – APPLY HERE

Kidstart: (Get £5 FREE Money)

KidStart is a unique cashback platform in the UK that specializes in helping families save money. By linking their purchases to KidStart, users can earn cashback on their shopping, with a portion of the earnings directed into a child’s savings account, making it a popular choice for parents looking to build a nest egg for their children.

Free money offer: Kidstart can help your child build a good financial future, and you can get a £5 bonus when you sign up through our referral link. CLick the link – signup for an account and once you have saved £5 – you will automatically rewarded with a FREE £5 bonus. KIDSTART REFERRAL LINK – APPLY HERE

Picodi: (£4 bonus cash reward on sign up)

Picodi is a popular cashback site in the UK, offering rewards on purchases at over 7,000 online stores. You can earn back between 1% and 10% (sometimes even more!) on your shopping, making it a great way to save money. The site also offers discount codes and exclusive deals, making it a one-stop shop for savvy shoppers in the UK

Free money offer: To get free money with Picodi use the referral link, then sign up for a new account by filling in the registration form. Complete a purchase at a partner site with a minimum spend of £20 or more and once your purchase is confirmed by Picodi, you will receive a £4 bonus added to your Picodi wallet. PICODI REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Beanstalk: (Get £5 Free money)

Beanstalk, a UK platform aimed at families, simplifies saving and investing for children’s futures. It offers Junior ISA and investment accounts, allowing flexible contributions and family involvement through gifting features. While FCA-regulated with low fees, remember investments carry risk and the value can fluctuate.

When parents and guardians set up Junior ISAs on Beanstalk and use our Beanstalk referral link they will get an additional £5 added to their investment account . BEANSTALK REFERRAL LINK – APPLY HERE


Many platforms, apps, and websites entice new users with offers of free money or bonuses simply for signing up. This marketing strategy serves to attract a wider audience and incentivise individuals to explore and engage with the platform. These sign-up bonuses can vary in form, ranging from cash rewards deposited directly into the user’s account to credits or points redeemable for goods or services offered by the platform. Popular examples include financial apps like Tide bank which offers £75 for opening an account to Chip which gives a cash bonus for depositing funds into an account or online banking platforms like Monzo or Revolut, which may provide cash bonuses for opening an account. These free cash incentives provide an enticing opportunity for individuals to explore new platforms and potentially benefit from their services without any initial financial commitment. Of course it most instances there is nothing stopping you from taking the free money and closing your account if you decide the platform is not for you.

Tide is a digital banking platform tailored specifically for small businesses in the UK. With features like fast account opening, expense management, and integration with accounting software, Tide streamlines financial management for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Additionally, Tide offers business loans and other financial products designed to support the growth and success of small businesses.

Tide Bank is a business account – but if you are thinking of starting a new side hustle or maybe considering a limited company for your rental property, then Tide is for you! Even if you are not sure what business you might be considering – you can open a Tide account and use the Free money to get you going 🙂

Free money offer: Sign up for a Tide business account (with or without the free limited company) and enter Tide referral code: REFER75 in the promo box during signup to get £75 free money added to your account balance. You can use our direct and EXCLUSIVE link for tide bank here. To activate the offer and receive your reward you will need to deposit and complete £100 of transactions within 30 days. TIDE REFERRAL CODE: REFER75 – APPLY HERE

Chip App: (Get up to £50 FREE money when depositing funds)

Chip is a popular savings app in the UK that uses artificial intelligence to analyze spending habits and automate savings. With features like automatic savings transfers based on spending patterns and customizable savings goals, Chip makes saving money effortless for its users. Additionally, Chip offers competitive interest rates on savings and various rewards to incentivise saving behavior.

Free money offer: Open a Chip savings account and enter Chip promo code (RS5k, RS10k, RS20k, RS50k – depending on what you deposit) to get up to £50 free cash added to your savings account. Full terms and conditions for our exclusive offer are HERE. This offer is especially for our Refer and Save readers. Full details above or you can click here for landing page at Chip. CHIP REFERRAL CODE: RS5K OR RS10K OR RS20K OR RS50K – APPLY HERE

Monzo Bank: (Get £5 free using the Monzo referral)

Monzo is a digital bank in the UK known for its user-friendly mobile app and transparent banking services. With features like instant spending notifications, budgeting tools, and fee-free foreign transactions, Monzo offers a modern banking experience tailored to the needs of its users. Additionally, Monzo provides innovative features such as “pots” for saving and customisable spending categories, empowering customers to take control of their finances.

Free money offer: To get your free £5 from Monzo you need to sign up for a new Monzo account by downloading the Monzo app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once your account is set up you need to complete one transaction within 30 days to be eligible for the £5 bonus. After using our Monzo referral here and completing the transaction, the £5 bonus will be credited to your Monzo account balance. MONZO REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Monese: Get £30 free money for opening account with invite)

Monese is a digital banking service in the UK designed for people who may face barriers to traditional banking. With its easy account setup process, no credit checks, and mobile app features like instant balance notifications and budgeting tools, Monese offers a convenient banking solution for individuals seeking financial inclusion. Additionally, Monese provides multi-currency accounts and international money transfer services, catering to users with global financial needs.

Free money UK offer: When you sign up you need to enter Monese referral code: ZAAKI607 to get £30 free cash added to your Monese balance. You will get £10 when you sign up and another £20 when you complete £500 of transactions with Monese. Sign up to Monese here. and by following these steps, you can easily sign up for Monese and receive free money as a welcome offer. MONESE INVITE CODE: ZAAKI607 – APPLY HERE

Klarna: (Free £10 added to your wallet when using our referral)

Klarna’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) service in the UK allows shoppers to make purchases and pay for them later in installments. With Klarna’s BNPL, customers can split their payments over a period of time without incurring interest, providing flexibility and convenience for managing their finances. However, it’s important for users to budget responsibly and understand the terms and potential impact on their credit score before opting for BNPL options.

Free money offer: Use our Klarna referral here and when you make a first purchase within 7 days of registration you will get a £10 cash bonus added to your wallet. This free money will then be applied to your next purchase using the Klarna app or payment method. KLARNA REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Capital On Tap: (Get £75 Free cash credited to your account)

Capital on Tap offers a business credit card tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK. With features like flexible credit limits, rewards on spending, and real-time expense tracking through its mobile app, Capital on Tap provides businesses with a convenient and transparent financing solution. Additionally, Capital on Tap offers competitive rates and no foreign transaction fees, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to manage their expenses effectively.

Free money offer: During registration for a Capital On Tap business credit card, there is a Capital on Tap promo box where you need to enter promo code 2REFF362E24. Once applied – after you account has been approved, you will need to complete one transaction within 30 days to get £75 free cash credited to your account. CAPITAL ON TAP PROMO CODE: 2REFF362E24 – APPLY HERE

Curve (Free bonus cash between £5-£20 added to your wallet)

Curve is a unique financial platform in the UK that consolidates all your bank cards into one smart card and app. With features like real-time spending insights, instant cashback rewards, and the ability to switch between cards for purchases after they’ve been made, Curve simplifies and enhances the way users manage their finances. Additionally, Curve offers competitive foreign exchange rates and fee-free spending abroad, making it a convenient choice for travelers and those looking to save on currency conversion fees.

Free money offer: Get the Curve app from the Google Play Store or the App Store and then follow the steps to sign up. When asked, enter the curve invite code NRV67J6E during the signup process to get the £5-£20 bonus (the amount changes depending on the offer on at the time). Make your first purchase with your Curve card after setting up your account to get your free money. CURVE INVITE CODE: NRV67J6E – APPLY HERE

Kroo Bank: (Get £10 free added to your bank account)

Kroo is a digital banking app in the UK designed to simplify banking and empower users with financial tools. With features like instant peer-to-peer payments, budgeting tools, and personalized insights into spending habits, Kroo aims to enhance the overall banking experience. Additionally, Kroo offers a range of customizable account options and strives to promote financial literacy among its users, making it a promising option for those seeking modern banking solutions.

Free money offer: If you sign up for a Kroo bank account through our referral link, you’ll get £10 in free money added to your account. Ensure you use our Kroo invite link to activate the promotional offer. Once your account is finalised you need to spend on your Kroo debit card within 30 days of sign up for the reward to be granted. KROO REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Currensea: (Free £10 cash added to your bank balance)

Currensea is a unique travel card in the UK that links directly to your existing bank account. Offering competitive exchange rates and no transaction fees, Currensea simplifies foreign spending for travelers, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional travel cards. With its focus on transparency and convenience, Currensea aims to streamline currency exchange and make international transactions hassle-free.

Free cash offer: Sign up for a Currensea account here, and when you enter referral code FN5E39 during registration, you will automatically activate a £10 reward. To receive your free money, you need to complete over £100 in FX transactions within 120 days of signup. You can combine this offer with our Topcashback offer above to double your free money by signing up to Topcashback and then clicking through to Currensea. CURRENSEA REFERRAL CODE: FN5E39 – APPLY HERE

Rooster Money: (£10 Free Money added to your parent account)

Rooster Money is a popular app designed to teach children about money management and financial responsibility. With features like customizable chores, savings goals, and parental oversight, Rooster Money empowers kids to develop healthy financial habits in a digital age. By providing a safe and educational platform for money management, Rooster Money aims to prepare children for a financially savvy future.

Free money UK offer: Sign up to Natwest Rooster money using the Rooster Money referral code: 66HGH-J or click the referral link and you will receive £10 when you complete your trial and make a subscription payment. Note your subscription payment is FREE if you are a Natwest, RBS Or Ulster Bank. ROOSTER MONEY REFERRAL CODE: 66HGH-J OR APPLY HERE

Zilch: (£5 cash free when signing up)

Zilch is a “Buy Now, Pay Later” (BNPL) service in the UK that allows users to split their purchases into manageable installments. With its flexible payment options and transparent terms, Zilch offers consumers a convenient way to afford their purchases over time without accruing interest. By integrating with various online and in-store retailers, Zilch aims to provide a seamless shopping experience while promoting responsible spending habits.

Free money offer: Sign up for Zilch using the referral link here and download the Zilch app and sign up to get £5 free cash added to your balance when you use tap & pay for the first time. ZILCH REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Paypal (£10 Free money added to spend as you please)

PayPal is a leading online payment platform that enables individuals and businesses to send and receive money securely. With features like buyer and seller protection, seamless cross-border transactions, and integration with various e-commerce platforms, PayPal has become a trusted and widely used payment solution worldwide. Additionally, PayPal offers various financial services, including prepaid cards, lending options, and digital wallet capabilities, providing users with a comprehensive suite of financial tools.

Free money from Paypal offer: Register for an account at PayPal using our Paypal Referral link here and spend £5 within 30 days of signing up to earn a £10 reward. You can spend this money on any platform that accepts PayPal payment (which is pretty much everywhere). PAYPAL INVITE – APPLY HERE

Snoop (Gat a £5 Amazon voucher for free)

The Snoop app is a personalised money management platform that helps users make smarter financial decisions. By analysing spending habits, tracking bills, and offering personalised insights and money-saving tips, Snoop empowers users to take control of their finances effortlessly. With features like bill tracking, subscription management, and tailored recommendations, Snoop aims to simplify money management and help users maximize their savings potential.

UK Free offer: Sign up for the Snoop app using the snoop referral code updated here and you will get a FREE £5 Amazon voucher when you connect your bank account to the service. SNOOP REFERRAL – FIND LATEST CODE HERE

Raisin: (Get £50 FREE Cash)

The Raisin savings platform in the UK offers users access to a wide range of savings accounts from various partner banks across Europe. With competitive interest rates and a user-friendly interface, Raisin simplifies the process of finding and opening high-yield savings accounts. By providing a diverse selection of savings products and seamless account management, Raisin enables users to maximize their savings potential and achieve their financial goals.

Free money offer: Get £50 FREE when you use the Raisin referral link HERE. You must open your first savings account with a minimum term of six months, and a minimum deposit of £5,000. If you opt for an easy access savings account, you must keep the balance at or above £5,000 for six months). At the end of the six month period, the bonus will automatically be paid to your transaction account. RAISIN REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Gohenry: (Get £20 Free money)

Gohenry is a popular financial tool in the UK designed to help children learn about money management. With features like prepaid debit cards for kids, parental controls, and educational resources, Gohenry empowers parents to teach their children financial responsibility in a digital age. By providing a safe and controlled environment for kids to manage their money, Gohenry aims to instill good financial habits from an early age.

Free money offer: Sign up to GoHenry using the referral link here or by entering the Gohenry promo code: GOCS29022_YH when registering for a new account. You will get £20 added to your balance and 1 months FREE membership too. You must activate your parent account and child card, and at least one child must complete a set of 6 missions in the Money Basics or Banking Basics section of Money Missions. GOHENRY REFERRAL CODE: GOCS29022_YH – APPLY HERE

Moneyfarm: (Up to £750 in rewards when signing up)

Moneyfarm is a digital wealth management platform in the UK that offers personalised investment portfolios tailored to individual financial goals and risk tolerance. With features like automated rebalancing, tax-efficient investing, and low fees, Moneyfarm provides users with a hassle-free way to grow their wealth. By combining cutting-edge technology with expert financial advice, Moneyfarm aims to make investing accessible and transparent for investors of all levels.

Free money offer: Sign up to Moneyfarm here and then enter the Moneyfarm promo code: ISA_PROMO_2024 to get upto £750 FREE. Full T&Cs are available on the Moneyfarm website, and cashback is tiered, depending on the amount you invest in an ISA. MONEYFARM REFERRAL – APPLY HERE


Signing up services often comes with the added perk of receiving offers as an incentive. Many offer promotional deals that include various types of rewards or discounts for new customers. These incentives not only attract new customers but also provide immediate financial benefits for individuals. Services across various industries, such as streaming platforms, meal delivery services, and fitness apps, frequently offer sign-up bonuses to entice new subscribers. These incentives allow individuals to experience the benefits of the service at a reduced cost or even for free and sometimes with additional rewards encouraging them to become long-term customers.

American Express: (Get up to 80000 EXTRA Points worth £Hundreds)

American Express is a renowned financial services company in the UK known for its premium credit card offerings and exceptional customer service. With a range of cards offering benefits like rewards points, travel perks, and purchase protection, American Express caters to a diverse clientele seeking elevated banking experiences. Additionally, American Express offers services beyond credit cards, including insurance, travel bookings, and merchant services, making it a comprehensive financial partner for individuals and businesses alike.

FREE Membership reward offer: This is not strictly money but you can convert your membership points into £££’s or make more efficient use of your points for other benefits such as airline points and holiday offers etc. Click the link here and you will activate the American Express Referral offer to enjoy up to an extra 80000 Amex membership points on signup (depending on the card you sign up for) – Note the link will take you to the American Express Platinum card but you can sign up for ANY Amex card to enjoy your FREE referral membership points.  AMERICAN EXPRESS REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Vitality Health Insurance: (Get a £100 Amazon voucher)

Vitality Health is a leading health insurance provider in the UK, offering comprehensive coverage and wellness benefits. With features like discounts on gym memberships, rewards for healthy activities, and access to virtual GP services, Vitality Health promotes proactive health management among its policyholders. By incentivizing healthy behaviors and providing quality healthcare services, Vitality Health aims to improve the overall well-being of its members while reducing healthcare costs.

Free Amazon voucher: Click the Vitality Referral Offer HERE to activate the referral and provide your email address. Then, once you have taken out a health or life plan directly from Vitality – provide your Vitality membership number to the same link, and you will receive a £100 Amazon or John Lewis voucher once you have made 3 monthly premium payments. VITALITY REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

The Out: (£50 off your Land Rover rental)

THE OUT upscales car rental in the UK by delivering premium Land Rovers straight to you. Skip the queues and paperwork – book online, choose your Land Rover, and enjoy a hassle-free, luxury road trip experience with everything included in the price. Whether exploring the countryside or cruising through London, THE OUT delivers a unique and stylish way to hit the road.

Money Off Offer: Use The Out referral code: BR299 when taking out your Jaguar Land Rover rental agreement to save £50 on your first rental. Enter The Out promo code: BR299 at the checkout to save on your initial rental. THE OUT REFERRAL CODE: BR299 – APPLY HERE

Manypets (Get a Free £30 Amazon voucher)

ManyPets shakes up UK pet insurance with unlimited vet support, offering 24/7 online consultations with real vets. They focus on hassle-free claims and flexible, transparent policies, covering cats and dogs with options for various vet fee levels. Whether you’re a new pet parent or a seasoned pro, ManyPets aims to provide peace of mind and support for your furry friend’s health.

Free Amazon voucher: Get a FREE £30 amazon voucher when entering Many pets referral: FAISAL NISAR in the referred by friend box at checkout or by clicking the link here when taking out a new pet insurance policy. Note Manypets is the new name for the company formerly known as Boughtbymany. MANYPETS REFERRED BY FRIEND CODE: FAISAL NISAR – OR CLICK HERE

Sky (Get up to £125 cashback when taking out subscription)

Sky is a prominent subscription service in the UK offering a wide range of entertainment options, including TV channels, on-demand content, and streaming services. With packages tailored to individual preferences, such as sports, movies, and original programming, Sky provides subscribers with diverse entertainment choices to suit their interests. Additionally, Sky often offers bundled deals that include broadband and phone services, making it a comprehensive provider for home entertainment and connectivity needs.

Free cashback offer: Click the sky tv referral and get upto £100 cashback/voucher (depending on the package you sign up for). Provide your details on the form, and then once you have completed your order – complete the additional requirements to get your gift. SKY REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Animal Friends: (Free £10 Amazon voucher)

Animal Friends Pet Insurance is a reputable provider in the UK known for its comprehensive coverage and dedication to animal welfare. With a variety of policies tailored to different pet needs, including accident, illness, and routine care coverage, Animal Friends offers peace of mind to pet owners. Additionally, Animal Friends is committed to supporting animal charities through donations and initiatives, making it a compassionate choice for pet insurance.

Free money offer: Sign up to Animal Friends Pet Insurance and enter Animal Friends Referral Code: HAYLEY DUSTER at checkout in the referred by friends box or click the following link and get a FREE £10 Amazon voucher. Once your policy is active and you’ve made your first payment, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to claim your £10 Amazon voucher. ANIMAL FRIENDS REFER A FRIEND: HAYLEY DUSTER OR CLICK HERE

TikTok (Get £6 voucher – PayPal or Amazon)

TikTok is a wildly popular social media platform known for its short-form video content. With a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of content creators, TikTok has quickly become a global phenomenon, attracting users of all ages and interests. From viral dance challenges to educational content and comedic skits, TikTok offers an endless stream of entertainment, making it a favorite among social media enthusiasts.

TikTok Free money: Sign up to TikTok using our TikTok Invite code: CF29656446 and complete the signup process by going to reward page on the TikTok app (within 24 hours). Sign in every day for 7 days to get £6 worth of points to use at Amazon, Apple or Paypal (or less if you don’t sign in every day). TIKTOK INVITE CODE: CF29656446 – APPLY HERE

Virgin Media (Get upto £100 free credit)

Virgin Media is a leading telecommunications company in the UK, providing broadband, television, and mobile services to millions of customers. With high-speed internet options, comprehensive TV packages, and flexible mobile plans, Virgin Media offers a wide range of entertainment and connectivity solutions for households. Additionally, Virgin Media is known for its reliable network infrastructure and innovative technology, ensuring seamless connectivity and quality service for its customers.

Free credit added to your account: Use the Virgin Referral link here to register your email address. Then once you make your purchase directly on the Virgin website you will get up to £100 added to your account as credit!(the amount changes depending on the current offer, but you will see the details when you click the link) – You can use this offer in conjunction with any new customer joining offers online. VIRGIN MEDIA REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

EON (£50 Free credit)

E.ON is a prominent energy company in the UK, specializing in supplying electricity and gas to residential and commercial customers. With a focus on renewable energy solutions and sustainable practices, E.ON is committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting cleaner energy sources. Additionally, E.ON offers various energy management tools and services, empowering customers to monitor and control their energy consumption more efficiently.

Free credit offer: Click the E.ON referral link HERE and sign up for an energy supply from E.ON to get a £50 reward once you are up and running. Full T&Cs can be found on the E.ON website. E.ON REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Better Health Advice (Get £100 Amazon voucher FREE) 

Better Health Advice helps navigate the confusing UK private health insurance market. Their free, expert advisors chat and assess your needs, then scour options to find the best fit. Whether you’re new to insurance or seeking better coverage, they offer unbiased guidance and clear communication, simplifying the process and potentially saving you money.

Free Amazon money: Click the Better Health Advice referral link a HERE and if you then take out a health insurance policy you will get a £100 Amazon voucher free. BETTER HEATH ADVICE REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Profile Pensions: (Free £50 Amazon voucher)

Profile Pensions is a respected pension provider in the UK, offering personalized pension management solutions for individuals. With a focus on simplifying pension planning and maximizing retirement savings, Profile Pensions helps users navigate the complexities of pension schemes and investments. By providing expert advice and tailored investment strategies, Profile Pensions aims to empower users to achieve their retirement goals with confidence.

Free Amazon Voucher worth £50: Click the Profile Pensions referral link here and once you have transferred an old pension across to Profile Pensions – you will receive a FREE £50 Amazon voucher. Only applies to first transfers. PROFILE PENSIONS REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

Three: (Get upto £80 FREE MONEY)

Three is a major mobile network operator in the UK, offering a wide range of mobile plans and services. With competitive pricing, extensive coverage, and perks like unlimited data plans and roaming in over 70 countries, Three provides customers with flexible and affordable options. Additionally, Three is known for its commitment to innovation, including initiatives like 5G rollout and partnerships with streaming services, enhancing the overall mobile experience for its users.

Free money offer: Signup to Three mobile using the Three referral link here or by clicking the link above and get upto £80 FREE cash (the referral is currently set at 50% each way)

5. Money Transfer Free Cash

Money transfer sites often offer referral programs as a way to attract new users and incentivise existing customers to refer their friends and family. By using a referral code when signing up for the services listed below, you can earn rewards, such as cash bonuses or account credits, once certain conditions are met, such as completing a qualifying transfer. These referral bonuses are fantastic as they are equivalent to cash. You can sometimes transfer money to your very own account in another currency, providing an easy way to get free money. It’s a simple and effective way for money transfer sites to expand their user base while you get free money for a few minutes of work.

WorldRemit (Get £10 free money)

WorldRemit is a digital money transfer service that enables individuals to send money internationally with ease. With its user-friendly platform and competitive exchange rates, WorldRemit provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for sending money to friends and family abroad. Additionally, WorldRemit offers a variety of payout options, including bank deposits, cash pickups, and mobile money transfers, catering to the diverse needs of its users around the world.

Free money offer: Please click the link above and then enter the referral code: REFERCHKV16E71K53 on the signup page when registering at WorldRemit to get £10 voucher AFTER making total transfers equalling £75 or more. Don’t forget to add 3FREE in the promo box just before payment to get free transaction fees on your first 3 transfers. Worldremit invite code: REFERCHKV16E71K53

 Remitly (Get £10 Credit To Use On Transfer)

Remitly is a prominent digital remittance service that facilitates international money transfers for individuals. With its straightforward platform and competitive exchange rates, Remitly offers a convenient and reliable solution for sending money to loved ones abroad. Additionally, Remitly provides various delivery options, including bank deposits, cash pickups, and mobile wallet transfers, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for recipients worldwide.

Free Credit For Money Transfer: Sign up using the special link HERE and successfully send your first money transfer of £100 or more, and you will receive £10 FREE to use on your next transfer. REMITLY REFERRAL – APPLY HERE

TransferGo: (Get £10 free when you signup)

TransferGo is a popular international money transfer service that specializes in fast and affordable transactions. With its user-friendly platform and competitive exchange rates, TransferGo offers a convenient solution for sending money across borders. Additionally, TransferGo provides various delivery options, including bank deposits and cash pickups, catering to the diverse needs of its users worldwide.

Free money transfer offer: Use the invite code TFSG10 or use the following link: HERE to register a new account at Transfergo. Once you have made your 1st transfer of £50 or more, you will receive £10 to spend on your next transfer, and your transfer will be FREE. TRANSFERGO REFERRAL CODE: TFSG10 – APPLY HERE

Talkremit: (Get a £20 bonus for signing up)

TalkRemit is a digital remittance platform offering convenient and secure money transfer services globally. With a user-friendly interface and competitive exchange rates, TalkRemit enables individuals to send money to family and friends abroad with ease. Additionally, TalkRemit prioritizes customer security and compliance, ensuring that transactions are conducted safely and efficiently.

Talkremit free money offer: Click the link here to register or use referral code: C827477 when registering at Talkremit and get £20 FREE CASH added to your balance after completing money transfers totalling £100. TALKREMIT REFERRAL CODE: C827477 – APPLY HERE

Skrill Money  (Get £10 bonus cash for transfer)

Skrill is a widely-used digital wallet and payment platform that allows users to send and receive money globally. With its easy-to-use interface and swift transaction processing, Skrill provides a convenient solution for online payments, e-commerce, and remittance. Additionally, Skrill offers a range of features including prepaid cards, cryptocurrency exchanges, and integration with various online merchants, making it a versatile choice for managing finances across different channels.

Skrill Free money: Click the Skrill referral link HERE or enter Skrill referral code: FAISALN19 during checkout on your money transfer to get £10/€15 off your first transfer over £100/€150. SKRILL REFERRAL CODE: FAISALN19 – APPLY HERE


The landscape of free money opportunities in the UK presents a wealth of possibilities for users seeking to supplement their financial standing. With options ranging from free shares to cashback incentives, there’s something to suit every financial goal and aspiration. By exploring the array of offers available, you can harness the power of free money to bolster your wallets sometimes without spending a penny. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a budget-conscious shopper, these opportunities provide a means to maximise savings and enhance overall financial well-being. So, whether you’re looking to invest in free shares or capitalise on cashback rewards, seize the opportunities that await and unlock the potential!

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